Monday, November 25th, 10am - 12pm

OK….? Now What?

With Kate Jobe, Dipl. Processwork

Movement work is powerful in its ability to dive straight into the heart of a process. Yet it is often overlooked or underused. Movement can be challenging with its unexpected impulses that are reluctant to offer up their exact purpose. It can make us feel awkward and inadequate or think, “so what? What’s the point of this?”

In this training we will address these dynamics by seeing how movement is in fact, a language of its own. We will learn to recognize new kinds of patterns or “vocabulary” and use ProcessMind techniques to break up our accustomed approach and replace it with our own body wisdom. Finally we will reserve a little time at the end to brain storm about “the client who won’t move” and how to deal with that.



Kate Jobe, MA, Dipl. P.O. Psy. Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, is passionate about working with the deeper processes in the body and how they can be lived in and for the world.

Kate is a founder of the Processwork Institute in Portland, and Processwork Ireland. She serves

on the faculty of Processwork training programs in Zurich, Portland, Poland, Athens, Russia, and Barcelona. She currently lives in Winterthur, Switzerland, loves gardening, and still dances whenever possible.


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