Saturday, July 20th, 12pm-2pm

Islamic Spirituality, Philosophy and Ethics: An intersection with the Process Oriented Psychology Paradigm

Sharings from her personal experience and current research on the Intersection of Islam and process work, and forward-view prospect of process work applications in Muslim societies around the world

With Ala’ Hammattah, MMedSc., MAPOF.

In the modern era, the Islāmic tradition tends to be spoken of solely in terms of dogma, emphasizing its political, ritual, and legal principles, while neglecting it’s profound spiritual and moral dimensions, and how its utilized to enhance general wellbeing.

Whether we have particular religious and/or spiritual worldviews, it’s essential to adopt an approach where other worldviews are invited. This level of awareness allows us to listen to narratives and get in touch with the human strength questing the purpose and meaning of life.


This training will:

  • Provide fundamental knowledge on the dimensions of Islamic philosophy, spirituality and ethics.
  • Explore the work of Muslim scholars in metaphysics, psychotherapy, inner work and meditation practices.
  • Explore interconnectedness and the influence of culture, spirituality, and psychology of Muslim societies. And how process work could be applied in a global context. 


Ala’ Hammattah is a mind science, holistic health and wellbeing expert, who specializes in human contemplative practices and philosophies of the mind, drawing heavily on positive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and ancient shamanic Eastern traditions of healing. Her expertise has influenced her studies in academia, including cross-cultural research in various countries around the world, inner work, metaskills, mindfulness and emotional wellbeing. She uses Core Process Psychotherapy, process-mind and Biotherapy methods to emphasize deep, ongoing awareness of one’s body and mental process for self-exploration and healing. Ala’ is deeply passionate about personal empowerment regardless of race or identity. She helps people cut mind chatter to release from outdated belief systems and generational pain, to connect with their intuition and accelerate momentum in their lives.


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