Saturday, July13th, 12pm -2pm

The Unrecognized Agony of Men in the Middle Eastern and Asian Cultures

With Ala’ Hammattah, MMedSc., MAPOF.


Ala’ Hammattah is a mind science, holistic health and wellbeing expert, who specializes in human contemplative practices and philosophies of the mind, drawing heavily on positive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and ancient shamanic Eastern traditions of healing. Her expertise has influenced her studies in academia, including cross-cultural research in various countries around the world, inner work, metaskills, mindfulness and emotional wellbeing. She uses Core Process Psychotherapy, process-mind and Biotherapy methods to emphasize deep, ongoing awareness of one’s body and mental process for self-exploration and healing. Ala’ is deeply passionate about personal empowerment regardless of race or identity. She helps people cut mind chatter to release from outdated belief systems and generational pain, to connect with their intuition and accelerate momentum in their lives.


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