Anti-Racism for White People: PW skills for sustainable social change

with Herb McDonald & Catharine Macdonald

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9:00 AM – 11:00 AM Pacific Time
Four Saturdays: Oct 30, Nov  13 & 27, Dec 11

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$70 USD for the series $25 class

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Learning to be anti-racist together

Practice skills to develop our awareness & talk about racism, even when it's uncomfortable. Classes may be taken separately.

Class Topics


What We'll Learn Together

White people must also dismantle racism. .

This class is designed to support white people to be better anti-racists. In a welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere, we will learn together.

The hardest things to see are our own privilege and strengths. Process work has tools to help us see our strengths and privileges, as well as where we feel low-rank.

“…the tiniest bit of power is all we need to satisfy our self-interest at the expense of someone else. And it can happen without us even knowing it. With the best of intentions, we commit little acts of corruption daily.” – Julie Diamond

“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Racism is a problem nearly everywhere in the world, resulting in great harm to people of colour. To overcome this, whites must become aware of our conditioning and emotions around race, and use our privileges to support structural changes. For most (or many) whites, this task is very challenging and can lead to uncomfortable feelings, such as confusion, anger, fear. As a result, many are not optimally effective as anti-racists or eventually abandon the task altogether.

We, Catharine and Herb, are not experts or anti-racist educators. We are colleagues, therapists, and Process Workers who want to become better anti-racists and support others on this path. Racism is personally, relationally, culturally and environmentally damaging. We believe that Process Work tools can support the life-long endeavours of anti-racism and social justice.

This class is designed to support white people to be better anti-racists. In a welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere, we will learn together. All are welcome, whether new to anti-racism, or with years of experience fighting for social justice. We will explore what it means to be white, explore our personal discomfort, practice working with these obstacles, and discover our individual ways of being activists.

We designed the classes to give you tools to explore our inner selves, and see how it might be connected make anti-racism, and other social justice work, personally sustainable. Classes are designed to stand on their own, but to practice and learn most effectively, we encourage you to come to the full series.


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About Your Facilitators

Herb McDonald

Herbalist, Process-oriented Therapist

Herb McDonald, Dipl. PW and Masters in Social Work, has been in love with the Process Work paradigm since 1990. He has had a lifelong fascination with the human body and the relationship between consciousness and the body. He has studied, practiced, and taught yoga for many years. Currently, he has a Process Work practice with individuals and couples and a private practice as a Clinical Herbalist.

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Catharine Macdonald

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