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Sexism and all the "isms"

with Anuradha Deb

"As an Indian woman with many privileges, my experience of sexism is something that I have taught myself to live with on a daily basis."

India and south east Asia are parts of the world where women have gone through extreme degrees of oppression for centuries. Mostly in such measures that internalizing the oppression was the only way to survive.

Safety is of utmost importance and so I find the intersectionality of all levels of marginalization, whether it is racism or homophobia, it is all connected at the systemic level by the nature of the oppression. To be safe is an issue of life and death as we know that sustained oppression kills.

Sharing her personal experiences with audience participation, Anuradha will explore how through centuries, oppression has only changed its face and not its intensity. Why it is important to become aware of it, and put a process work  framework to what we sometimes don’t understand is happening to us.

Anuradha Deb, providing an overview of the Process Work Institute of India (PWII) as an institution offering a range of services in areas of mental health and psychotherapy. PWII is committed to nurturing quality mental health care professionals, training psychotherapists and offering support to individuals, communities and organisations as part of larger objective of furthering a better society, nation and world.

Anuradha Deb

About your Teacher

Mumbai-based psychotherapist and life coach Anuradha Deb founded Process Work Institute of India in 1996 with the vision to reinvent leadership development and the approach to mental health in India.

With three decades of mentorship experience behind her, Anuradha has worked extensively on gender diversity and inclusion. Her current work focuses on mentoring women entrepreneurs.

Anuradha is a professional member of Indian Society of Applied Behavioral Sciences.

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