Thursday, December 5th, 10am - 12pm

Autism & Neurodiversity: The Invisible Differences

With Cathy MacDonald, Dipl. Processwork

Autism is one of the best-known conditions in the spectrum of neurodiversity, along with ADD & ADHD and other conditions. Therapy is generally geared towards helping people who are neuroatypical behave and get along with the neurotypical world. Communication styles, ways of behaving in social interactions and relationships can be very different between neuro-typical and -atypical people. Come and learn about those, how they come out in therapy, and what the strengths are of having a brain that works a bit differently from everyone else. 

About Cathy MacDonald

Cathy Macdonald is a Processworker living in Toronto, Canada. Problems in life can be overwhelming and sometimes everyone needs support. I work with individuals and couples who want to improve communication, learn to disagree productively, deepen intimacy in relationships, and work through grief. My focus is facilitating your unique experiences, to help you develop new emotional skills, patterns of behaviour and relieve suffering.

Specialty – partners of, and adults, with Asperger’s/Autism are often distressed and confused. Neurodiverse relationships are difficult, especially in a neurotypical world. I believe that neurodiversity is natural and valuable. Neuroatypical people often have unique talents, along with significant relationship and communication difficulties. Sessions conducted in-person or online.


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