Your Greatest Weakness is Your Greatest Strength, and Vice Versa

with Catharine Macdonald
& Maraya Karena

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4 PM – 5 PM PM Pacific Time
Sunday, December 4

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What do you get criticized for?

Whatever it might be, criticisms often point to our greatest strengths.

Learning Areas

Our gifts don’t usually come to us in a polished package

we may struggle with them for years,
revealing the deepest laters of our process
and the structure of our long-term edges


In this class, we’ll work with all sides of our strengths and weaknesses. We’ll explore a trait, and learn about the good, bad, ugly and beautiful. Through this, we can make more parts of ourselves accessible.
This experiential class will give participants an opportunity to explore how going into a difficulty can unearth unexpected rewards. We usually avoid parts of ourselves that we are criticized for, or don’t like. This class will give people an opportunity to experience something they don’t like in a new way. 
Learn how to recognize and appreciate all your characteristics!

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About Your Teachers

Maraya Karena &
Catharine Macdonald

Therapists, Life-Long learners & co-founders of Processwork online!

Maraya and Catharine are both working facilitators for individuals and couples. In our work, we have found that people’s perceived weaknesses often carry important elements of their essence and their wholeness. We are thrilled to be offering this workshop that we have both found personally and professionally helpful!

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This is a live course taught by Maraya Karena & Catharine Macdonald
Included is 1 class of 1 hour.
It’s highly participatory, learn and practice new skills!

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