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Part 1: October 18th - November 15th, 2019
Part 2: January 10th - February 7, 2020


The Alchemy of Sex & Intimacy in Long-Term Relationships

With Robert King & Niyati Evers

Starting this Fall, we’ll be offering a series of workshops on sexuality and intimacy in long-term, emotionally committed relationships. You can tune in live, watch the recordings- or both!

We’ve decided to divide the series into Part 1 and Part 2, giving you the choice to enroll in Part 1 now and decide later whether you want to enroll in Part 2 .

Intimate relationships (also known as emotionally- committed relationships) offer the possibility of companionship, intimacy and sexual fulfillment. At the same time, they come with a challenge, how do you keep passion and sexuality alive over the years?  How can you have the warmth of familiarity, and the excitement of novelty and discovery? How can you have freedom as an individual, and maintain a sense of togetherness and connection?


3 Sessions: Fridays from 10am – 12pm PT

October 18, November 1st, November 15th


In Part 1 we’ll be focusing on getting to know your erotic landscape and developing a more conscious relationship with your sexuality. The more grounded we are in our self-awareness around our own sexuality, the more we can shape our erotic experiences. Part 1 will also look at some of the typical challenges and dynamics that come up around sexuality in long-term relationships and how to develop intimacy by connecting in an authentic way. Lastly, we’ll look at erotic practices and how to communicate in ways that are welcoming and encouraging of explorations in the realm of sexuality and intimacy. Here’s a breakdown of the themes for each session:

Session 1: Your Erotic Landscape


    • Becoming grounded in your own eroticism by developing a conscious relationship with your sexuality
    • Getting to know your ‘Erotic Forcefield’
    • Deepening your ability to access and ‘own’ your Erotic Potential and shape your sexual experiences

Session 2: Intimacy – Getting Naked from the Inside Out

    • Understanding the Interconnectedness between your relationship patterns and your sexuality
    • Developing your ability to recognize and work with stuck moments around sexuality and intimacy
    • Deepening your potential for intimacy and connection

Session 3: The Space Between Us – Creating an Erotic Container

  • Creating a welcoming environment for your Erotic Nature
  • Developing the Art of Erotic Communication – Skills & Meta-Skills
  • Deepening your experiences around sexuality and intimacy by creating Erotic Practices and Ritua


You can choose to enroll in Part 1 and decide later whether you want to enroll in Part 2.

Early Bird Registration for Part 1 (Until September 11): $150

Regular Price (12 September onwards): $180

Register for the The Alchemy of Sex & Intimacy in Long-Term Relationships Part 1 and receive Robert and Niyati’s Seminar: The Mystery of Passion in Long-Term Relationships FOR FREE! 


3 Sessions: Fridays from 10am – 12pm PT

January 10th, January 24th, February 7th

In Part 2 we will deepen the erotic journey by looking at some of the lesser known or edgier parts of our sexuality and their deeper or hidden meaning – such as secret desires and fantasies – and how to bring these into our relationship. We will also look at how the very challenges that arise in long-term relationships around sexuality and intimacy contain the seeds for our personal, relational, spiritual and erotic growth. Lastly we’ll be looking at sexuality and intimacy as an alchemical process and a portal into transpersonal states of consciousness. 

Session 1: Embodying your Erotic Self

      • Expanding your connection to your unique erotic nature as a mythic journey towards greater wholeness
      • Growing your ability to recognize and work with your erotic blocks, edges and unconscious patterns
      • Developing your personal powers in revitalizing your experiences around sexuality and intimacy

Session 2: The Hero(ine)’s Journey of Thriving Sexuality 

  • Understanding and befriending the sexual and intimacy challenges of long-term relationships by engaging with their deeper meaning and purpose
  • Developing your ability to protect and preserve the Erotic Container by transforming reactive styles of engagement into constructive conflict and dialogue
  • Growing your ability to work with the ‘Dreaming Process’ and deeper intelligence inherent in your sexuality

Session 3: Sexuality as a Spiritual Path of Transformation

      • Developing the ability to connect on multiple Levels: Sexual, Relational & Spiritual 
      • Learning how to use your sexuality as a transformational path and portal into transpersonal and ecstatic states of consciousness
      • Learning how to Create a Sacred Sexual Space
      • Integrating your erotic journey with your personal, relational and spiritual growth


Early Bird Registration for Part 1 (Until October 15): $150.

Regular Price (October 16 onwards): $180

Register for the The Alchemy of Sex & Intimacy in Long-Term Relationships Part 1 and receive Robert and Niyati’s Seminar: The Mystery of Passion in Long-Term Relationships FOR FREE! 

YOUR TEACHERS:  Facilitators Niyati Evers and Robert King are therapists in private practice in Portland, OR. They have developed an approach from years of research, along with their experience as a couple. They are excited to share their discoveries, and want to inspire and empower you to deepen your sexuality and intimacy.

“Our approach is non-pathological and focused on developing potential rather than on solving problems. It is based on years of research in this field as well as our personal explorations. Because we are involved in a long-term relationship ourselves, we too encounter the challenges, edges and dynamics that are part of the territory of being together for a longer period of time. This became our lab and our “alchemical pot”.

Over the past eight years we have explored, deepened and enriched our sexuality and intimacy using primarily a Process-Oriented Approach: we believe there is a deeper intelligence at play in our relationship that propels us to explore our edges and discover new parts of ourselves and new ways of being and relating. We believe that relationships have their own “Dreaming”: we are always “in process” and we are always “emerging”, whether we are conscious of this or not.

If we want to keep the spark and magic of our sexuality alive in the long term, we have to engage in a process of ongoing discovery and re-discovery. If we open ourselves up to a journey of growth and discovery, the relationship itself will push us to the next level and compel us to stretch beyond what we know.”


Watch this video of Niyati describing what 'Sex Positive' means to her


Robert King MSW, Diplomate in Process-Oriented Psychology, has been a practicing therapist for 40 years. He’s been a faculty member of the Process Work Institute in Portland since 1992. He has taught both in the U.S. and internationally on a variety of topics, such as relationships, sexuality, dreams, bodywork, addictions and conflict resolution. Robert has extensive experience facilitating seminars on social issues, such as the conflict in Ireland, commonly referred to as ‘The Troubles’. He has also co-facilitated Open Forums in Portland on Gay Rights and has taught Advanced Gestalt Therapy, Family Therapy and Counselling Techniques at Antioch University in Seattle. Robert is passionate about developing his visual artwork while integrating spiritual and shamanic traditions with his interest in alternative relationship styles and sexual practices.


Niyati Evers, MAPW, is an international facilitator who has worked in South Africa, Israel, the Netherlands and the U.S. Niyati is originally from Amsterdam. She is a trained Tantric practitioner and has facilitated Tantric Workshops throughout the Netherlands. She completed her Masters in Process Oriented Psychology at the Process Work Institute in Portland. In 1998, Niyati moved to Cape Town, South Africa, where she lived for 14 years and worked with race and gender dynamics in the workplace. Niyati and Robert have an international therapy practice and they facilitate workshops in the realms of communication, sexuality and intimacy. Niyati is currently working on a book about her experiences of growing up in Amsterdam as part of the “second generation” of Holocaust survivors and living in post-Apartheid South Africa.

Find out More about Niyati & Robert: www.Alchemy-of-Eros.com

Please note that while the course will help you develop skills and learn about your style in relationships, it is not a replacement for therapy. If you are dealing with, or recovering from, sexual trauma, please contact us to see if the course is a good fit for you. We want all participants to feel safe and supported, but some people may find individual therapy a better fit.

For Inquires Contact ProcessworkOnline@gmail.com

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