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Our 2022 Course Calendar


How can Processwork Integrate Current Understandings of Trauma?

Julián Jaramillo

February 15th & 22nd
10AM -12PM PST
Included in Membership

What is the contribution that all of these developments can (and should) have in Processwork? How can current understanding of trauma help us as processworkers to be more effective therapists? In this class we are going to have a general but comprehensive introduction to the current understanding of trauma and some of the newest interventions to work with it. We will revise on some of the fundamental assumptions of Process Work and how newest understanding might add important layers to them when we are working with trauma.

Member-Only COurse


Liz Scarfe

March 21 & 28
April 4 & 11

Included in Membership

A lot of people have experienced significant trauma of one kind or another in their lives, often more than once. As a facilitator or presenter working with groups, you can assume there WILL people in your groups who has experienced trauma: someone being “triggered” in your group is more a matter of WHEN, not IF. This course is essential for leaders, teachers, facilitators and organizers.

Member-Only COurse

encountering life purpose through decolonial and indigenous ways of being and knowing

Wangũi wa Kamonji

May 14th & 28th
8AM – 10AM PDT
Included in Membership

What does it look like to walk in my purpose from an indigenous and decolonial lens? How is that different from anything else? In this short course we'll explore and engage a relational paradigm with all life to support our inquiry into our life paths, purpose or myth.

Member-Only COurse

Exploring Life Myth: Are you where you want to be?

Kalpana Tanwar

June 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th  

7:30 AM – 9:30 AM PDT
Included in membership

Is where you are now quite different from where you would like to be? Do you wonder why your life plans and your life process are not always in sync? Have you been disappointed with an outcome in spite of your best efforts? This workshop will give us a glimpse of our life purpose and design.

Member-Only COurse

Sitting in the Fire Black and White on the Edge of White Supremacy

Diane Wong

September 20st & 27th
10:00AM – 12:00 PM PDT

Included in membership.

The primary tool of the therapist is the self. Unless the therapist has worked on their own personal issues like prejudices, traumas, and mind-sets to name a few, they cannot be efficient practitioners. And thus, the self in this dynamic landscape is always vulnerable. In order to sustain a long-term practice, one needs to build one’s own resilience.

Open to Non-Members

Relationship work in the Family System

Dawn Menken

October 19th & 26th
10:00AM – 12:00 PM PDT

Included in membership. $85 for non-members (live + recording).

Learn about interacting with teens, young children, when couples' conflict impacts the family, and where to find the facilitator (that might be you!). Dawn is a great teacher who packs her classes with useful information. You'll come away with an appreciation for yourself, your family and new skills.

Open to Non-Members

Your Greatest Weakness is Your Greatest Strength, and Vice Versa

with Catharine Macdonald & Maraya Karena


4 PM – 5 PM PT

Included in membership. $11 for non-members (live + recording).

What do you get criticized for? Are you accused of being too slow, too messy or for daydreaming, not being realistic enough? Whatever it might be, criticisms often point to our greatest strengths.

Open to Non-Members

What's Love Got to Do with It? Explore the creative forces of Sex, Love and Intimacy

Ana Rhodes

Please note – RESCHEDULED

10AM – 12PM PT

Included in membership. $50 for non-members (live + recording).

We will explore our deepest passions. We will explore the connection between the different but related creative forces of Sex, Love and Intimacy. This course has a dual focus. It introduces the basics of process-oriented relationship dynamics, and it celebrates the creative forces of love and intimacy, of sensuality and sexuality.

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