Mapping the Matrix of Narcissism and Codependency

October 19th, Friday, 12pm-2pm

On Zoom:


We will take a over arching look at the system dynamics of Narcissism and Codependency. How do they work together? What is the evolutionary potential for growth within each and within the relational interaction? What skills and approaches can help break the cycle?

This is a place to understand what our beings are engaged with at a deeper level and discover how the tendencies we are currently enacting indicate a future path towards wholeness and liberation. There will be a presentation followed by an experiential activity with practical applications and time for personal sharing.

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STARK is a Processwork Online focus group for deeply exploring the complex patterns of human sexuality and intimate relationships. We bring an open, curious and compassionate attitude towards understanding the truth of diverse human experiences. We learn from each other, share our perspectives, analyze video footage of different modalities in action and facilitate exercises in present time.



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  1. Hi. I’m a process work student in the Italian school, interested in the group about intimity. Confused about the times… Pacific time? 12 till 2 pm? What does it mean? thanks for helping out.

    1. This is oceanna. Hello. Im somehow on this thread in USA and am not involved in the process work. Could u kindky remove my name from all texts thx

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