A Gentle Approach to Trauma: A Recorded Seminar with Lane Arye, PhD.


Recording of the training A Gentle Approach to Trauma presented by Lane Arye.

Lane Arye, PhD. Has made this 2018 training on A Gentle Approach to Trauma available for free! Thanks so much Lane. You can always DONATE to Processwork Online to support our presenters and help keep our trainings free and accessible to all. You will receive his handout and a note from Lane when you go through the purchasing process for $0.




A Note From Lane:

Dear friends from around the world who will watch the video:

Thanks again to Cathy and Maraya for organizing this amazing international community.

When you get this training you will receive:

  • Resources – some of the names/modalities I mentioned
  • A request about how you share this work
  • A request to not read the attached documents until you watch the video


In the attachments you will find:

  • The handouts I showed during my talk (just the ones I made, not from Janina Fisher’s Psychoeducational Flip Chart. That is copyrighted and can be purchased on her website.)
  • The inner work we didn’t get to (that follows the basic arc of the work with Tina. This is adapted from Janina’s work)
  • Notes I made after class about the work with Tina. These notes make more explicit the beautiful and inextricable connection of what we did with Process Work.



  • Healing The Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors, by Janina Fisher
    • www.JaninaFisher.com
  • “Sensorimotor Psychotherapy” – a neurobiologically informed modality for working with trauma that was developed by Pat Ogden and that comes out of Hakomi Therapy.
    • https://www.sensorimotorpsychotherapy.org/home/index.html
  • Daniel Siegel – check out his work on neurobiology, attachment, trauma, mindfulness and parenting.
    • http://www.drdansiegel.com



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