The Vector of Violence with Ana Rhodes


Tuesday, January 12th, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM Pacific
In this 2-hour workshop, Ana Rhodes will explore a multi-dimensional understanding of violence as well as provide practical tools for processing violent events in our own lives. Learn how to recover a meta position and recognize the impact during moments of intensity. Recover your sensitivity as an ally during violent and volatile times.

Attend live, watch the recording- or both!



The vector of violence is awakened when we directly experience or witness an act we feel is unjust. The IMPACT awakens within us feelings of pain, fear, anger, confusion.. etc.. Many times we marginalize these responses in order to function and continue with our lives. However, by doing this, a process of internal dissociation begins to take place. Dissociation from the impact of violence perpetuates the dynamics of victim and abuser internally and is more likely to result in re-enacting violence externally.

There is so much violence activated now individually and collectively. The result can inspire within us a commitment to justice. We need justice to balance misuse of power on a personal and social level. We need justice to repair the damage that has been done. But we must maintain our awareness. Because if we seek justice from an internal, unconscious experience of oppression, what we may really want is revenge. And revenge is another form of violence that perpetuates the cycle of violence for us all. 

Breaking free from inner and outer oppression is a political, social and community task. It is also a deeply psychological and spiritual one. It takes courage and compassion to break the cycle of violence. In this workshop, we will recover a meta position that has the ability to notice, reflect on and communicate impact. Recovering our sensitivity is a radical act of freedom that supports us to stay connected to the Spirit that Survives.



Ana works as a facilitator, trainer, and supervisor with corporate organizations, civil society groups, and NGOs. One of her greatest passions involves maximizing the inherent potential of individuals, groups, and organizations in a way that supports and enhances natural leadership. She facilitates groups of up to 400 people in processes of socio-cultural and organizational change, using tools that support diversity and Deep Democracy.

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