Gold Membership


With a one-time payment you will receive:

  1.  Video links to ALL our excellent Processwork trainings for 2020.
  2. A completely FREE course of your choice. This includes any Live Course occurring in 2020 OR any Recorded Course from our library.
  3. 30% off all additional purchases in 2020. That means all additional trainings, courses and course recordings are ALL 30% off.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How will I receive the videos?

Links to the videos will be sent every month straight to your email inbox when you sign up. We will be sending you video links to all our 2020 trainings as they come out. Expect to receive the video link within a week of the training date.

2. Does the payment auto-renew?

The payment does not auto-renew. This is a one-time payment for 2020. At the end of 2020, we will send you an email with the option to renew for 2021.

3. How do I receive my discounts?

As a Gold Member, you receive a FREE course of your choice and 30% off any additional purchases from Processwork Online. Included in your invite email, you will receive a credit you can use to get your FREE course and a coupon code to use for 30% off additional items.

4. Can I only use my free course for upcoming courses?

You can choose to get a course happening live in 2020 FREE or you can apply your FREE course to a recorded course from our library.

5. Is the membership for the calendar year, or from a year starting when I sign up?

2020 Membership is for the calendar year of 2020. That means that no matter when you become a member in 2020, you will receive the 2020 seminar recordings and be able to use your course coupon for courses happening in 2020.


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