The Mystery of Passion in Long-term Relationships: A Recorded Course with Niyati Evers & Robert King


Intimate relationships offer the possibility of companionship, intimacy and sexual fulfillment. At the same time, they come with a challenge – how to keep passion and sexuality alive over the years? How can you have the warmth of familiarity, and also the excitement of novelty and discovery? This recorded course dives into the dreaming of your sexuality, and how it will help you maintain passion in your long-term relationships.



Presenters: Niyati Evers and Robert King are therapists in private practice in Portland, OR. Their approach is focused on developing potential, and discovering how the stuck places lead to growth. They have developed an approach from years of research, along with their experience as a couple. They are excited to share their discoveries, and want to inspire and empower you to deepen your sexuality and intimacy.

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