Living in Uncertain Times: A Short Course with Ingrid Rose


LIVING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES: Tools for navigating the unknown

May 19th, 2021: 10am to 1pm

On Zoom.

Link and Recording Provided Upon Registration


Covid-19; climate crisis; disenfranchisement; marginalization, racism; inequality and the divide between rural and urban dwellers/rich and poor, are just some of the issues we face in our world today. What does this propose for us living in these uncertain times?


We generally perceive experience on the level of an everyday understanding that goes along with our primary identities. However, there are parallel experiences that co-exist with the consensus reality level that hold information for us with which we are not usually so familiar. We tend to get caught in our patterned reactions and mindset and may find it difficult to navigate life from a different position or view.


Looking through a consensus reality lens change and uncertainty is extremely disturbing. 

However, within or parallel to these disturbances, lies a vast field of Dreaming which we can enter by shifting our awareness to access other layers of experience waiting for recognition and inclusion. We do have the capacity to expand our sense of ourselves and of world chaos through integrating lesser known qualities and ways of being into everyday life. This can be hugely relieving. 


Let’s come together as we walk the path of uncertainty to find alternative ways of navigating this time called life, especially as it brings us new challenges to create a better world.

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