Nyati Evers & Robert King: An Erotic Journey of Intimacy, Pleasure & Transformation


Join Robert King and Niyati Evers exploring the dance of personal growth between life and sex as an Erotic Journey of Intimacy, Pleasure and Transformation.

This free online workshop will use Process Work tools and concepts as well as other approaches to explore ways of engaging with your sexuality that unlocks it’s magical and unique potential for you and your relationships.


Creating a rich and meaningful sex life involves personal and relational growth. There’s a deeper intelligence at play that propels us to discover and embody all of who we are. All of our experiences, the ecstatic ones as well as the difficult ones, are potential portals of transformation.

The more we are able to make meaningful connections with ourselves and our partner(s), the more our sexuality can go from something we do to an erotic journey we are on.

Purchase includes an innerwork exercise developed by Niyati and Robert!