Big Medicine: A Recorded Seminar with Pierre Morin


In this recorded seminar from January, 2020, Pierre reads excerpts of his new book, explain the ideas behind Big Medicine, and gives room for questions and discussion. He will also give participants the opportunity to explore their own experiences of Big Medicine and their body symptoms in an inner work exercise.


Big Medicine includes experiences of both health and sickness.

From that perspective, health is not an idealized state of wellness (small health) but a journey. The ways in which we navigate that journey and make sense of it, are all a part of Big Medicine. It is important to seek medical help for your illness, but that is not the end, nor the whole story.

Imagine having the flu. Your first inclination is to soothe or get rid of the symptoms, i.e. the headache, muscle ache, fatigue and fever. You might take an Aspirin or ibuprofen and get some rest, hoping to return to normal functioning as soon as possible.

In that scenario, you remain in your conventional identity, that of an operational person that just needs some rest to get back to your old ways. With Big Medicine, you open up to the experiences you are having and let yourself be changed by them. This might mean, for example, that you embody the fatigue and let it guide you into more internal spaces. There, you might discover new value for your feelings and spiritual inclinations.

About your Teacher

Pierre Morin has worked in medicine for over 35 years, first as an MD in Switzerland. After moving to Portland, he became the Clinical Director of a community mental health clinic which specializes in helping refugees overcome their trauma.

“Conventional medicine, with its emphasis on fighting conditions deemed pathological, always left me dissatisfied. The trauma symptoms of refugees, for example, are normal responses to pathological circumstances. And, I asked myself, what about all the people who suffer chronic health conditions that don’t respond to conventional medicine? We needed a new approach to our bodies and their processes, be they so-called healthy or sick. I found that in Arnold Mindell’s Dreambody concept and in Friedrich Nietzsche’s ideas about Grosse Gesundheit which in English translates into Big Health.”, Pierre Morin.

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