Race, Whiteness and Privilege: A Recorded Seminar with Lane Arye, PhD.


Recording of the training Race, Whiteness and Privilege presented by Lane Arye in March, 2019.

Lane has graciously gifted us access to his training on Race, Whiteness and Privilege for free. THANKS LANE! You can always DONATE to Processwork Online to support our presenters and help keep our trainings free and accessible to all.

In this training Lane will share his unique perspectives on race and whiteness and model a profound way of working with privilege from a Process-Oriented tool box. You will receive his handout and a note from Lane when you go through the purchasing process for $0.



Lane Arye, Ph.D. supports individuals, couples, groups and organizations to discover wholeness, creativity, reconciliation and community. He studied Processwork in Zurich in the 1980’s and was one of the founding members of the Process Work Center of Portland (now PWI). Approaching our joys and our troubles with curiosity, respect, and heart, he fosters the experience that life is mysterious and meaningful. Learn more at www.ProcessworkLane.com

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