Laban Movement Analysis: A recorded Seminar with Kate Jobe


This Seminar from September, 2020 with Kate Jobe is an introduction of Processwork with Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies, one of the most innovative and comprehensive somatic approaches to describing human movement dynamics. It is for anyone who uses Processwork and moves.


Kate Jobe shares how to better use your body to get a sense of your client’s experience, clarify your own movement expression, and identify the quality and characteristics of movement. When you learn how to identify and take a client’s movement into your own body, even in a subtle way, you will be able to amplify and unfold movements more fully. When we accurately capture the movements and small shifts in clients, and have access to those movements in our own bodies, we gain a better sense of their experiences. The transformative power of movement is enhanced by embodied knowledge – knowledge gained through our physical experience.

Kate Jobe, MA, Dipl. P.O. Psy. Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, is passionate about working with the deeper processes in the body and how they can be lived in and for the world.

Kate is a founder of the Processwork Institute in Portland, and Processwork Ireland. She serves on the faculty of Processwork training programs in Zurich, Portland, Poland, Athens, Russia, and Barcelona. She currently lives in Winterthur, Switzerland, loves gardening, and still dances whenever possible.

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