The Body’s Role in Rank and Power: A Recorded Seminar with Kate Jobe, Dipl. PW


A recording of Kate Jobe’s Training, The Body’s Role in Rank and Power, presented to Processwork Online in November of 2019.

Power and Rank can be major disturbances in relationships, businesses and groups. When they are used well, they are also powerful allies and bring a sense of wellbeing and even safety. In this training we will focus on the body and how it expresses high and low rank. We will learn some concrete ways of perceiving subtle rank and power signals in ourselves and in others (stuff that you can used in other life situations as well). And we will use movement along with our personal dreaming, to play beyond our perceived rank and power limits. We will have lecture, an exercise, and question and answer time. Be ready to do some movement even if it’s with your hand.


“Your body speaks for you a good deal of the time. Even though you don’t intend it to communicate with those around you and even though those around you often don’t consciously get your message, your body and the bodies of those around are “blabber mouths”. These messages are often happening at a level we don’t notice. Let’s learn to hear the deep and wise messages from this source and bring them into the world.”

Kate Jobe, MA, Dipl. P.O. Psy. Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, is passionate about working with the deeper processes in the body and how they can be lived in and for the world. Kate is a founder of the Processwork Institute in Portland, and Processwork Ireland. She serves on the faculty of Processwork training programs in Zurich, Portland, Poland, Athens, Russia, and Barcelona. She currently lives in Winterthur, Switzerland, loves gardening, and still dances whenever possible.

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