The Two Faces of Rank as State and Process: A Workshop with Joe Goodbread


A 2-hour recorded workshop with Joe Goodbread pre-recorded on Nov 18th, 2020.

TOPIC: The Two Faces of Rank as State and Process: discover your inner resources, no matter who you are or what your social status. In this workshop, we will experiment with recognizing the flicker between these two faces of rank, with the goal of developing our sense of inalienable power that lies beyond social status and privilege. It is precisely this deeper source of strength that can make us more effective, congruent and trustworthy agents of social change.

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Hierarchies of power and privilege often seem like inescapable consequences of our social being. But  viewed through the lens of process, rank reveals a second side of its nature as an evolving, living dance that keeps re-asserting itself through the intricate details of how we interact with one another moment by moment. Cultivating awareness of rank as a dynamic process can free us from the pessimism of seeing rank only an inescapable fact privilege and status.

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