Community Health: Using Process-Work in Social Services, A Recorded Seminar with Tim Berthold


Recording of the training Community Health: Using Process-Work in Social Services presented by Tim Berthold in 2018.

City College Professor, Tim Berthold, will share about the growing field of Community Health Workers and how Process-Oriented Approaches are being used in mainstream social services. There with be a special focus on the technique of ‘Rolling with Resistance,’ responding to mixed feedback in individual counseling sessions

The technique of ‘Rolling with Resistance’ honors the client’s right to self-determination and offers a safer place to explore difficult emotions, relationships, and choices. If facilitators push back in the moment when clients are expressing resistance to change, they may push clients away altogether, and diminishing their ability to trust you or other service providers in the future.


Tim Berthold is a professor at San Fransisco Community College.He is the editor of the Foundations for Community Health Workers textbook, and the new companion Training Guide published by Jossey-Bass. Tim has twenty years experience working with community-based health and human rights projects and with diverse communities in the Bay Area and internationally He has taught a variety of courses, including Trauma, Response and Recovery; Chronic Conditions Management; Introduction to the Mental Health Recovery Model; Community Health Worker Principles & Practice.

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