Thursday September 12th, 11am - 1pm

Race Talk with Raggi Kotak

Understand processes that get in the way of successful dialogue between different racial groups.

In this seminar, Raggi will outline some of the invisible psychological and social factors that play significant roles in the dynamics between people where there is a perceived difference. 

In the current global political climate, issues of race are becoming more and more toxic, and people are becoming increasingly polarised. What drives these polarisations? How can we can be more aware and intervene within ourselves and within our communities? How can we as a PW community do better? 

This seminar will bring some of the cutting edge ideas around how to have successful ‘Race Talks’. We will look at ways to transform polarizing and damaging dynamics. 

Note: The topic was changed from intersectionality to reflect urgently needed conversations. Look for more on intersectionality in future sessions.

About Raggi Kotak

Raggi Kotak is a self guided diploma student based in London. She has worked as a human rights lawyer specialising in issues of race and gender violence for the last 15 years. She identifies as a British born Asian queer activist.


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