A Learning Group About Relationships, Intimacy and Sexuality

STARK is a place for deeply exploring the complex patterns of human sexuality and intimate relationships. We bring an open, curious and compassionate attitude towards understanding the truth of human experiences. We learn from each other, share our perspectives, analyze video footage of different modalities in action and facilitate works in present time.

Facilitated by Maraya Karena

STARK Group Calendar

STARK is on summer break and will return in September!

How To Get Over Your Ex

February 16th

Saturday, 12pm - 2pm

A Valentines Day Special!! Looking at the best tools Processwork has to offer when it comes to moving on from that special someone.


March 22nd

Friday, 12pm - 2pm

This month we will dive deep to the roots of jealousy. Where does it comes from? What are possible spiritual processes in the background? And how in the world do we work with it when it comes up?

Erotic Vulnerability

April 26th

Friday, 12pm - 2pm

What part does vulnerability plays when it comes to our arousal? How can we better understand what makes vulnerability erotic, when does it become traumatic and when does it contribute to our personal growth? 

Deep Democracy in Relationships

May 28th

Tuesday, 10am - 12pm

Practical tools for applying the principles and spiritual practice of deep democracy to relationship issues in the moment.

About Maraya Karena

Maraya Karena is a Writer, Counselor and Consciousness Researcher living in Portland, Oregon. Wherever you are in the world, you can book a session, read the blog, watch the videos and start a conversation.

One thing I did not learn growing up was how to understand what was really going on for me. I spent years not knowing how to listen to my own feelings or what to do once I found them.

And I am still learning. A little more all the time. I have spent the past decade studying how to become aware of the subtle signals in a situation and how to follow them in a way that shows who we really are and what we really want.

The learning and unlearning this takes has become my devotion. Being with others and doing this together had become something I love. Together we discover how to be with what is. To see ourselves and others clearly. To feel what is happening and what is trying to happen.


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