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Saturday, May 2


7am- 9am

Shakil Choudhury is an award-winning educator and consultant with more than 20 years experience in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion. He has trained senior leaders across sectors and developed measurement tools for organizations, helping improve their diversity outcomes. Internationally, Shakil has designed and led peace-building projects for communities in conflict, specifically in Europe and South America. He lives in Toronto and is currently experiencing his most challenging and rewarding management experience: his two toddlers teaching him about fatherhood.

Qualification Highlights:

  • Masters Degree, Environmental Studies, York University
  • Bachelor of Education, University of Toronto
  • Bachelor of Physical Education, McMaster University
  • Somatic Experiencing Trauma CertificationTM, The Foundation for Human Enrichment, In Process
  • Psychology of Group Conflict CertificationTM, Process Work Institute, 2017
  • Coaching for Power Intelligence CertificationTM, Diamond Leadership, 2017
  • EQ in Relationship CertificationTM, Learning in Action Technologies, 2009

 About the book, Deep Diversity: Overcoming Us vs Them

Deep Diversity is intimately tied to my personal and professional story. It’s a culmination of 20 years teaching and learning from thousands of people across

Shakil Choudhury

4 continents, one emotional burnout in my early 30s and a childhood in small town Canada pretending I was white.  In trying to reconcile my place in the world—who I
was personally and what I did professionally—led me to explore and integrate a variety of perspectives into my work including psychology, neuroscience, bias research, social justice as well as mindfulness meditation.

My ultimate goal in writing this book is to help average people regardless of identity, have a conversation about racism and discrimination—something that’s tough, almost taboo, to talk about openly—and bring hope to a topic that can feel so ultimately despairing.  Using a compassionate but challenging approach, this book helps identify the racial blindspots we all possess and offers practical solutions about how to break the ‘prejudice habits’ we’ve learned in order to tackle systemic discrimination.

The book also includes stories of my own “inclusion errors” such as underestimating the abilities of a person in a wheel chair or discounting someone because of their “foreign sounding name.” And successes such as supporting a group of diverse young leaders in Europe emotionally process the terrorist attack on the London Underground as the tragedy unfolded in 2005.”

Vanessa Reid works at the intersection between systems and soul. She is a writer, social innovator, process worker, and participatory leader who serves contexts of crisis, collapse and complexity; those fertile moments where deep transformation is possible. 

She is the former executive director of Montreal’s Santropol Roulant, a vibrant organization founded by young people that uses food as a catalyst for social change, environmental sustainability and inter-generational community. Ever since, she has been immersed in creating personal, organizational, societal cultures that are alive and deeply aligned with the natural cycles and transitions of living and dying – from the mess and excitement of creating new systems and initiatives to what she calls Conscious Closure and the wild life of dying

Vanessa is active in local & global networks and movements. She is co-founder of the Living Wholeness Institute  which works with citizens, teams, organizations and social movements on initiatives that are transforming broken systems and creating new, deeply sustainable social realities. As co-initiator of The Art of Hosting – Athens, she is part of a self-organizing citizens’ process of building an eco-system of participatory leaders across Europe and the Middle East in response to political and economic crisis.

She has a Masters in Architecture from McGill and a Masters in Process-Oriented Psychology (PWI) and is faculty on the Art of Public Dialogue: hosting conversations about race and identity with Toronto’s Anima Leadership. As a writer and former publisher of the award-winning ascent magazine, she brings a depth of reflective, body and awareness practice to develop the inner diversity of leaders and change agents. She is currently working on her book, The Wild Life of Dying.

See: Vanessa’s TEDx talk Conscious Closure and the Wild Life of Dying.

Read: Chaos, Crisis and Unexpected Gratitude

Listen: The SpiritBros Podcast

Yuliya Filippovska, DiplPW, MA, lives in Kyiv, she is the director of the global leadership think-tank, Deep Democracy Institute in Ukraine. Coming from diverse fields of corporate communications, startup business development, Hub Kyiv entrepreneurship network building, and organization of international events like TEDxKyiv,

Yuliya works as a coach and facilitator in Ukraine and internationally. Yuliya specializes in leadership development, conflict resolution, relationships building, communications, facilitation of multi-stakeholder dialogues for vision, strategy, and organizational development. Her current research area is focused on the area of facilitating public dialogue within national and global contexts. Her DDI diploma thesis was “Entangled: Interdependence between Personal and Community Development”, available at IAPOP website


meet the panelists

Saturday, May 2


11am- 1 pm

Ana Rhodes

She works as facilitator, trainer and supervisor with corporate organisations, civil society groups and NGOs.

One of her greatest passions involves maximizing the inherent potential of individuals, groups and organizations in a way that is supportive and enhances natural leadership. 

She facilitates groups of up to 400 people in processes of sociocultural and organisational change, using tools that support diversity and Deep Democracy.

Ana is fluent in both Spanish and English and regularly runs trainings and offers consultancy in Spain, Italy, the UK, Greece, South America and the USA. 

Zed Xaba is an independent consultant. She holds an MA in Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change from the Process Work Institute, Portland USA. Zed is a highly experienced trainer and facilitator. She is a trained Conflict Coach and an Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediator. Zed has facilitated numerous diversity-related group processes in South Africa as well as works with teams that are experiencing conflict. She co-facilitated a workshop at the IAPOP conference in Switzerland in 2012, and presented at the IAPOP conference in Ireland in 2018. Zed co-facilitated small groups at the World Work in Greece in 20017 She has a TED Talk called;  Internalised Oppression: Naming and Peeling Away the Layers of Shame which is available online. 

In 2019 Zed co-facilitated a webinar with Bill Say on Internalised Oppression. In 2018 to 2019 Zed co-facilitating a year-long online anti-racism closed group that was made up of 24 participants from the global Process-work community 

  1. I first came across Process Work in 2004 when I attended a breakfast that was facilitated by Max and Ellen in South Africa. I then studied Process Work from 2008 to 2011 as a student in the MACFOC programme
  2. Currently I work primarily with groups in organizations. I sometimes work with individuals when I am doing conflict coaching in preparation for mediation
  3. My facilitation style is: stretch and holding – challenging individuals to learn while holding them compassionately usually with humor.
  4. Link to my TEDx Talk:
Sergey Bayev was born in 1982 in the Urals, Russia, finished school in Siberia, graduated from Moscow State University as a linguist, interpreter and specialist in cross-cultural communications. Worked and travelled in European countries, USA, Canada, Peru, Guyana, Sudan, India, Nepal and many more. Having become a yoga teacher, conducted several trekking tours to the Himalayas.

Since 2015 Sergey has qualified for a counsellor, trauma therapist, and processworker (presently a phase 2 diploma student advised by Aleks Peikrishvili). In the meantime, localized and popularized Arny and Amy’s Portland classes and supervisions throughout Russia; interpreted their recent live training in Moscow as well as a number of seminars given by Zurich teachers Reini Hauser, Stephan Mueller, and Kate Jobe; translated Arnold Mindell’s and Conor McKenna’s books; participated in 2018 IAPOP Conference in Ireland; organized community integrating webinars with Peter Ammann, Niyati Evers and Robert King, Gary Reiss, Dawn Menken, and Lily Vassiliou.

Sergey met his future wife Anna at a Processwork seminar, many of the initiatives above have been inspired by her. Together they are raising 1-year-old daughter Maya – in a process-oriented style of parenting, i.e. always on the edge.

Coming up in May, Emetchi is teaching two classes online.

With the Dreambody team, DREAMBODY FORUM with focus on COVID-19,  on May 8, May 23, June 6 and June 26th. 

COVID-19: HUMANITY’S 2020 TEACHER READY OR NOT.…….three classes focusing on Coronavirus impact issues, PW tools to help, harvest meaning and adapt to change.  Thursdays, May 14th, 21st and 28th.

I have been working with the impact of abuse and trauma all my professional life, over the past four decades or so. In Sydney Australia  I was part of a multicultural collective of feminists who were all survivors of incest or sexual assault within the familial kinship system, and we were all trained to help women girls and children deal with Child Sexual Assault and Incest. I worked there for almost a decade then went into private therapy practice and doing locums as a CSA trainer and supervisor.

Because abuse/trauma is intermingled with class inequities, racism, sexism and heterosexism as well as addiction, homelessness, suicide and self-harm, domestic violence, sexual identity I took opportunities to keep educating myself e.g. I became part of the first HIV/AIDS prevention team run by the Government’s health department to work on the street doing needle exchange/safe sex education in hot spots around the city. I loved it because it was the perfect accompaniment to my work behind closed doors with individuals and couples.

Having experienced homelessness and addiction I learned the value of quick pithy interventions working on the needle exchange team, having witnessed many gay and transexual friends perish of AIDS I learned to “hang with the heat” of a person’s suffering while going on.

I was taught so much from the straight-up no-bullshit trauma seasoned deep-hearted nighttime street dwellers and workers of many sorts. This  street education accompanied my four year training to become a licensed Somatic Psychotherapist and ongoing personal psychotherapy.  

Through a serendipitous chain of events after my first PW workshop I sold everything I had of monetary value and went to Zurich to do the PW Intensive which opened up my thirst to understand groupwork as well as study PW. Years later I was fortunate to find myself teaching at PWI both as part of the faculty teaching academic programs and also teaching my own interests. I worked with other Processworkers in Mexico and Nicaragua and went solo to teach in Australia and Aotearoa [new Zealand] and Colombia. Following a night dream I went to Europe to teach aspects of PW that fascinated me – rank, addiction, life myth, symptoms, group work.

After some years doing that my Tao shifted again, through a physical symptom.One of my ears got infected and I needed to quit flying or lose my hearing. At this point through Innerwork and therapy it became crystal clear in my cells that whatever my everyday mind with it’s ambition and want of recognition was yabbering about, the deeper down Tao That cannot be Spoken was and always has been, shaping Life’s adventures! It was time to quit travelling so much and time to step down from being on PWI faculty. 

  These days I have a large global skype practice where I do therapy, supervision, consultation, and mentoring of formal and informal students of PW;  a streamlined face-to-face therapy and supervision practice at PWI and I do streetwork in my neighborhood and in the huge park near my home with house-less folk, people in various altered states and whatever comes along…

I work with a number of Spiritual Communities both small and global, Intentional Communities and small organisations or groups that are working on their own diversity issues. I enjoy both working alone, with another and in small teams. 

meet the panelists

Saturday, May 2


6pm- 8pm

As an executive coach and coach trainer, Rho understands that leadership cannot be taught, but is cultivated as leaders consciously engage with the opportunities and challenges their mission, role and environment present. Rho partners with leaders to build the curiosity and agility essential to embracing disruption and leading transformation in VUCA environments. She assists them to cut through the ‘white noise’ of organizational life, by fostering the acuity to recognize signs of emerging change and engage their people in aligned endeavor and discovery.

Rho has a passion for team and systems coaching. She works with executive teams as they dive deeper, to explore individual and shared assumptions, communication and interaction patterns; in pursuit of enhanced decision making, collaboration and organizational effectiveness. Rho supports leaders and their teams to get to the heart of the matter and build a courageous commitment to tackling the real issues that so many avoid.

Drawing on her early career in neuroscience, Rho’s rich understanding of the principles of neuro-leadership, supports leaders in reinventing how they show up in the face the competing demands and role pressures. Rho partners with leaders to reflect on hierarchical dynamics and use their authority effectively.

Rho Sandberg draws on over 2800 hours experience and has been awarded the status of Master Certified Coach, the highest recognition awarded by the International Coach Federation. Rho is co-founder of the Global Coaching Institute and Director of Coaching Services. She has trained over 2000 leaders, managers, HR professionals and mediators to become executive and conflict management coaches.

I’m Ala’ Hammattah. I currently identify myself as a psychosocial researcher, a facilitator and therapist. I draw my experience from positive and somatic psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and ancient eastern shamanic healing traditions. My interest lies in enhancing general wellbeing and quality of life, traversing in depth, influencing factors like religion, spirituality, cross cultural interactions, politics and power and rank dynamics. I believes strongly that authentic inner work life is the ultimate way to connect with our life purpose and cultivate ongoing awareness of body-mind processes for self and collective healing. 

Witnessing people and groups work through their suffering and trauma areas is always very moving for me. It is such a deep moment, and constant reminder that we are all similar in this human experience. Suffering and pain is an essential part of life, but its a momentary experience. It is important to remind ourselves of the limitless capacity of human grit, and that we have a choice how to navigate our life journey. 

I am currently working to bridge evidence-base research with process work and worldwork. My research interests focuses on the intersection of aspects that contribute to the shifts in human consciousness, and global power dynamics, such as cross-culture, generational trauma, metaphysical health, compassion and altruism. I hope that the future findings would assist in enhancing processwork and worldwork applications in much needed areas of life. 

I’m a PW student in Japan since 2014 and at PWI since 2018. I’ve been working with abused children individually for twenty years. Currently, I work at elementally and middle schools, and also at a support center for homeless people. In my best moments, my style is full of humor and playfulness.

“Horikawa Aiseien” is a small social welfare organization that takes care of the abused children. You can read its blog posts in English.

meet the panelists

Sunday, May 3


6pm- 8pm

Hellene Gronda PhD (Cultural Studies), Processwork Diplomate, has a life-long interest in personal and social change, based in a commitment to awareness, authenticity, and working for a world in which we all belong.  Hellene first encountered Processwork when she was 16 through a profound and life-orienting seminar with Max Schupbach. Processwork has been the guiding paradigm for her personal and professional life, providing a powerful, unique and creative way to understand and approach difficulties. It allows her to integrate her organizational strengths and experience, her doctoral research into body awareness practices, and her passion for socio-political analysis.  

Born in Greece, raised in Australia, and currently living in Portland, Hellene is an experienced leader, manager and administrator with over 15 years experience in academic, nonprofit and public sector leadership positions. Hellene led PWI’s successful application for national accreditation (awarded August 2016) and has served as Dean of PWI’s academic programs since 2015.  Previously she directed a national, evidence-based housing and homelessness policy research consultancy in Australia providing advice and policy development workshops to nonprofits, government and the private sector.  Hellene currently supports the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, serving as Executive Director since 2017.

Anne Murphy is a mental health advocate who expands our sense of normal to embrace the curious, the odd, and the exceptional.  She is a therapy client and a therapist, privileged to have deep appreciation of both perspectives. Hers has been an unconventional path, she knows the travails of finding your own path and power.  Anne brings all of her experience and training to the world through her own business.


I am passionate about working with relationships, groups and personal development. I have more than 25 years of experience facilitating and training companies and public and private organizations in Mexico and Latin America in the area of ​​Human Potential Development. Interested in supporting the integral growth and transformation of both individuals and groups integrating intuitive and rational knowledge. Eager to collaborate in the search for more loving, enriching and sustainable ways of life and relationship. I am part of the international Processwork community and the teaching team for Mexico, Latin America and Spain.

I am an eternal apprentice, lover of life, mother of 6 children and happy grandmother. I try to live more deeply and completely my mystical and shamanic side. I enjoy a lot of nature, dance, sing and share moments of encounter with family and friends. I live in San Miguel Allende, Mexico, where I combine my facilitation work with therapeutic accompaniment.

Meet Vicki Henricks – Director of Byron International Coaching Centre and Global Coaching Institute – Master Certified Coach

“I’ve been working as an executive coach with individuals, businesses, governments, and NGO’s for nearly 30 years. I work in my community of the Northern Rivers of NSW Australia, as well as nationally and internationally.  I’ve experience working with businesses in cross cultural settings in Asia and the Middle East and I’ve appreciated the opportunities I’ve been given to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Australia. I’m excited about being part of the global Process Work community and using my Process Work skills, along with other modalities, to assist individuals and organisations to achieve their dreams and overcome their challenges.”

Vicki is also a Director of the Global Coaching Institute (GCI) which offers internationally accredited  Process Oriented Organisational Coach Training programs in Australia, Europe, Asia and USA. 

Vicki was introduced to Process Work by chance in 1993 when Dr Max Schupbach ran an intensive workshop in her home town of Byron Bay Australia.  This was a life changing event. She was an informal student of Process Work for many years before  completing her Masters degree at the Process Work Institute, USA from 2007 – 2011, which she says is the “absolutely the best and most challenging  educational experience in my life to date”.

She is an accredited Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation. Prior to taking on the Directorship of the Byron International Coaching Centre she was the Program Director of the Centre for Strategic Leaders, offering post graduate programs in Leadership.

Byron International Coaching Centre
Global Coaching Institute


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