Friday, February 22nd, 12pm - 2pm

Taking Care of the Caretakers

Lessons from supervision and team-building for NGO field professionals working in the refugee camps in Greece

With Alexandra Vassiliou, Ph.D., Dipl Processwork

This presentation will focus on the experiences and learning developed in the last years from our collaboration with NGOs in Greece that operate in the field of the refugee/migrant crisis. Professionals in the field are faced with unbearable challenges, often reaching burnout at a faster rate than before. Team-building and supervision meetings have offered a space for a deeper understanding of the dynamics influencing the field and the connection between personal, relationship and community experiences. Processwork and its multi-level dimensions of awareness and experience have been invaluable in the process. During this online meeting, after I present the situation in Greece and what I have learned to be helpful so far, we will brainstorm on further ways to support teams in this demanding work.

About Alexandra Vassiliou, Ph.D.

Alexandra is a Processworker living in Athens, Greece who works both locally and internationally. She has worked extensively with local and international NGOs, providing training and supervision on team-building, communication and conflict resolution. 

She is a founding member of the Processwork Hub in Athens, Greece. 

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