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Trainings in English, 2019

Friday, January 25th

12pm - 2pm

John Herold,

Director of Puget Sound Hearing Voices

This pattern has direct applications to Process Work — providing a new framework for understanding signals, edges, states and relationships.  

Friday, February 22nd

12pm -2 pm

Alexandra Vassiliou, Ph.D., Dipl PW

Learnings from her experience supervising and team-building for NGO field professionals in the refugee camps in Greece.

Thursday, March 14th

10am - 12pm

Lane Arye, PhD.

 From individuals to organizations, and everything in between.

Monday, May 13th

12pm - 2pm

Paul Levy

The revelations emerging from quantum physics are a doorway into the dreamlike nature of reality. The quantum gnosis is extremely psycho-activating, in that it activates the psyche as well as liberating the creative spirit within us in ways that were previously unimaginable. Though seemingly esoteric, the revelations emerging from quantum physics have enormous implications for our day-to-day lives.   

Thursday, June 13th

10am - 12pm

Zed Xaba M.A. & Bill Say, M.A.

Self-criticism and Internalized Oppression can depress, limit or destroy our well-being and meaningful engagement with life. In this interactive webinar Zed and Bill will discuss with you Internalized Oppression, share its manifestations and discuss a general strategy to address Internalized Oppression.

Friday, June 21st

10am- 12pm

Robert King & Niyati Evers

We invite you to this two-hour seminar to learn about the dreaming process of your sexuality, and how it will help you maintain passion in your long-term relationships. If we open ourselves up to a journey of growth and discovery, the relationship itself will push us to the next level and compel us to stretch beyond what we know.

Saturday, July 20th
12pm - 2pm

Ala’ Hammattah, MMedSc., MAPOF

Sharings from her personal experience and current research on the Intersection of Islam and process work, and forward-view prospect of process work applications in Muslim societies around the world

September 5th

Thursday, 10am - 12pm

Gary Reiss, PhD, Certified Process Work Trainer

In this online course we will talk about how to bring the ghosts of history into individual, family, and worldwork scenes, and do an experiential exercise to further the clearing of our own historical trauma ghosts.

Thursday, September 12th

11am- 1pm

Raggi Kotak

Everyone out there is talking about it. What is it? Why do we as process workers need it? How we can use it to better understand the people and groups we work with, and develop the concept of deep democracy to serve modern times.

September 17th - October 15th

1pm - 2:30pm

Bill Say, M.A., PW Dipl.

  • Learn Process Work theory and practices that address differences
  • Explore your own individual identity and main “others”
  • Delve into Role theory for greater fluidity and awareness
  • Develop greater holding capacity through connection with Nature energies
  • Learn rank awareness for greater empowerment and sensitivity
  • Learn a simplified Process Work model of conflict

Thursday, October 10th

12pm- 2pm

Camille Dumond

We will explore our families migration journeys, including the processes of assimilation, loss and aspiration. We will make contact with rank issues related to migration, and the dreaming spirit connecting us to our ancestors journeys.

Fridays, October 18th, November 1st &

Novemebr 15th

10am- 12pm

Robert King & Niyati Evers

Explore the opportunities and challenges of sexuality and intimacy in long-term relationships in an in-depth course of 3 online sessions. Attend live, watch the recordings, or both. 

Friday, November 15th

12pm - 2pm

Matt Stella, LICSW, Dipl.PW

The ways that men develop a masculine gender identity often create edges to vulnerability, being dominated, or asking for help. Matt will share some reflections, methods and questions from his work with male survivors of sexual abuse. 

Monday, November 25th, 10 - 12pm

Kate Jobe, Dipl.PW

In this training we will address these dynamics by seeing how movement is in fact, a language of its own. We will learn to recognize new kinds of patterns or “vocabulary” and use ProcessMind techniques to break up our accustomed approach and replace it with our own body wisdom.

December 5th

Thursday, 10am - 12pm

Cathy MacDonald, MA

Communication styles, ways of behaving in social interactions and relationships can be very different between neuro-typical and -atypical people. Come and learn about those, how they come out in therapy, and what the strengths are of having a brain that works a bit differently from everyone else. 

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