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What You'll Learn

What is co-dependency and how can we find a new way to relate to our intimate partners? Our modern culture is obsessed with romantic love. This can leave us looking for the realization of our deepest dreams and desires in our romantic relationships. In attempting to actualize our best relationships, we often fall into destructive and imprisoning patterns. In this course we will explore how this happens and how your own process holds the keys for a new way of relating.


​What Are Some Themes of the Course?



Here’s a Breakdown of the Material for Each Session

Session 1:

Finding Yourself within Codependent Patterns

  • So often, being in a codependent patterns turns out attention outwards. We focus on what the other is feeling and try to understand the roots of their psychology. This first module introduces skills that support you to centralize your own experience and reconnect with yourself. 
  • Part of this re-connection involves allowing for reactive emotions. Here, we work on the edges or difficulties we have when it comes to expressing a reaction in the moment.
  • One aspect that can make this re-connection and emotional expressiveness difficult is that you may be in a pattern of seeing yourself through the eyes of others and molding yourself to be lovable to them. We will deepen our understanding of the fears and structures here while learning how to turn the inner witness away from the other and back to yourself.

Session 2:

The Roots and System of Codependency

  • In this module, we go deeper into looking at the self-objectification underneath codependency. Codependency does not occur in a vacuum. It is the result of social, historical, familial and personal influences. We will do an overview of these systemic factors as a way of crafting depth strategies for transformation.
  • By applying a systemic perspective to our own case, we will bring direct awareness to who we think we need to be in order to get love
  • We will use this self-awareness to craft personalized, emergent tools for working with abandonment fears and attachment system dynamics.   

Session 3:

The Spiritual Process of Codependency

  • Here we work with High and Low Dreams as outlined in the codependency research modality of Processwork.
  • This module supports us to access and integrate the desired state through movement, creative arts, and essence-level meditation.
  • We conclude by exploring the relationship between our high dream state and our life myth. This enables us to see the beauty of our love and the trajectory of our life as a path of becoming what we desire.

What's Included in the Course


​Meet The Expert You'll Learn From

Maraya Karena

Writer, Processworker and Consciousness Researcher

Specializing in Sexuality, Intimacy and Codependency

One thing I did not learn growing up was how to understand what was really going on for me. I spent years not knowing how to listen to my own feelings or what to do once I found them.

And I am still learning. A little more all the time. I have spent the past decade studying how to become aware of the subtle signals in a situation and how to follow them in a way that shows who we really are and what we really want.

The learning and unlearning this takes has become my devotion. Being with others and doing this together had become something I love. Together we discover how to be with what is. To see ourselves and others clearly. To feel what is happening and what is trying to happen.

It takes courage, maintenance and rigorous honesty to find and follow our true nature. It is a revolutionary act of upmost importance and one that can be made easier with support.


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