Raggi Kotak

Racial Trauma

with Raggi Kotak

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Monday, February 15 & 22

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Conversations on race are often avoided as they are deeply challenging.


How do you have a difficult and meaningful conversation about race?

Race Talk is for those that are committed to creating dialogue on all issues of race, no matter what your racial background is. Dialogue on race is not only about racism – but also about culture, music, brilliance, art and life. We are here to support ways forward that are less about hate and more about inclusion and hope.

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How Experiences of Racism Impact us All


Conversations on race are often avoided as they are deeply challenging. They bring up a lot of different feelings, no matter what racial group we belong to.
We are all socialized and conditioned in the dynamics of racism.  The concept of race was constructed in order to separate us and justify the degradation of Black communities through slavery and colonialism. Centuries later, we remain swimming in the soup of this injustice. 
Without developing the ability to come into dialogue, we are unable to challenge and reject the patterning of White Supremacy that continues to thrive through our separation. 
Raggi holds conversations on race with diverse communities in a number of different spaces. She uses her knowledge from anti-oppression theory, together with her knowledge of Process Work, to navigate these spaces and create opportunities and healing, connection and justice. 

About Your Teacher

Raggi Kotak

Barrister, Facilitator, Anti-Racism & Anti-Oppression Educator

Raggi is a south Asian queer woman living in London. She is a human rights barrister, who has worked with asylum seekers for almost twenty years. She has a long history of anti-oppression work and has been involved in the setup and running of numerous ground-breaking and award winning projects.

Raggi is a self guided diploma student in Process Work. Her practice is based on challenging the dynamics of racism. She provides consultancy, facilitation, training and coaching – working with individuals, groups and organisations. She is fortunate to have some of the best PW mentors at her side whilst she walks the much needed path of hope and justice.

Raggi is the founder and main facilitator of an active online discussion forum called Race Talk, which aims to bring different racial groups together to find ways through their racial conditioning and trauma to connection and truth.

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Raggi Kotak

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