Friday, October 2nd
8am - 10am PDT

Inquiring into our Life Paths Through Indigenous Ways of Knowing

with Wangũi wa Kamonji

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Reclaiming indigenous ways of being, knowing and doing has been key to how I understand what I am on Earth to do

i.e. my life purpose, or life myth in Processwork terms, and has enabled me to observe and get in the stream of my process. Questions open up potent ways we can inquire into our paths and are fertile arenas for culture shifts, especially when they are connected to our deep feeling senses, and exploring them through indigenous ways of knowing such as listening to nature elements, dreams, walking, conversation, storytelling, visioning, etc. returns me to my body and spirit as a potent knower, and to the Earth and ancestral spirits. 

This way of knowing is in contrast to early experiences of colonial/Western education that abstracted me away from myself and from Earth and ancestral spirits in favour of “objective” and book knowing.

In this presentation, I will speak about indigenous ways of knowing, as I have experienced them, and in pairs we will apply some of them in an exercise in which we illuminate more about our lifepaths through potent questions.

Wangũi wa Kamonji

About your Teacher

My name is Wangũi wa Kamonji. I am called to be a retriever and bearer of indigenous Afrikan lifeways and knowledge. I use academic research, dance, writing, performance, song, travel, ancestral work and process facilitation to create and curate awakening spaces that are transformative passageways to new life on this continent in partnership with human, earth and unembodied spirit relations. My work centres Africa, the Earth and ancestrality. She convenes the collective Afrika Hai to research, reconnect to, and reimagine indigenous Afrikan knowledge for regeneration. Some of my previous work has appeared on Transition Network, The Elephant and the short story collection ‘Story Story, Story Come’.

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