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This page features brilliant and artful descriptions created by an array of internationally recognized Process Workers. Our intention with this page is to showcase the diversity of Process-Oriented perspectives and how to is an ever-growing, collective research community. We hope you enjoy what you find. If you feel inspired, click to see how these individuals have made Processwork their own.

What is Process Work?

Jan Dworkin Writes:

Continually evolving as a theory and a practice, Processwork was originally developed as a therapeutic modality in the 1970’s and 80’s by Jungian analyst, physicist, and author Dr. Arnold Mindell. Today, it is most commonly described as an “awareness practice,” and has applications in individual psychotherapy, coaching and leadership development, organizational work, medicine, politics, and art.

What Are the Basics of Process Work?

Cindy Trawinski From DeepWell & Life Works Writes:

Process Work (or Process-oriented Psychology) is a new paradigm in psychotherapy focusing on understanding human experience and change, designed for working with the entire spectrum of human consciousness.

At its core, it is an awareness practice that emphasizes noticing the dream-like experiences happening in and around us, all day long – not just at night.  In very general terms, the practice of Process Work is understanding people’s process – that is, following the flow of experience as it occurs in oneself and in the world.

Often, the way things unfold in life provides important information and even solutions to problems. In order to stay close to this unfolding, Process Work focuses on expanding personal awareness  to events that support the way we ordinarily think about or see ourselves and also paying close attention to things that are disturbing us — disavowed or marginalized parts of ourselves – which we usually try to avoid or get away from.

Process Work does not hold preconceived notions of what is right or wrong. It follows experiences rather than holding fast to any program or ideal.  Following the flow of process involves caring for the absurd and impossible and going against conventional beliefs and ways of seeing things.  It also involves going with the nature of the moment instead of a prescribed or pre-determined course of action.

Who Uses Process Work?

Elva Redwood writing for 'The Edge' a fantastic Blog from the Process Work institute

Processworkers everywhere use this empowering paradigm to facilitate growth and creativity in uncounted spheres.  From individual psychology and inner work, relationships and families, Processwork has found rich applications in coaching, organizational development, and large-scale conflicts.  One of the most exciting applications for our troubled times is World Work, where hundreds of people meet to work on global issues. There are also dancers, painters, writers and musicians using Processwork in creating and performing their arts.  Teachers apply the theory in the classroom, and nurses use it in the OR.  Anywhere there are humans, Processwork can be useful.

Want to Go Deeper?

Processwork Resources


For a taste of the Process-Oriented approach, enjoy this brief video created by The Institute for Process Work (Institut für Prozessarbeit IPA) in Zürich called, “Why Process Work?

Enjoy this playlist with videos from Dawn Menken, Ingrid Rose & More!

David Bedrick on going beyond shaming paradigms to consider new paths for our healing

Arnold Mindell, the founder of Process Work, gives an introduction to the essentials of Process Oriented Psychology in this interview from 1986. Read an overview of Processwork on his Website at: http://www.aamindell.net/process-work

A history of how Process Work went from being individual psychology focused to growing to encompass processing world and social issues. By the incredible Amy Mindell. 

Errol Amerasekera on Organisational Midlife Crisis.

Niyati Evers answers a question about communication around orgasm and sexual behavior between partners

Gill Emslie and Andy Smith, professors in Processwork UK and the Barcelona School  showcase Process-Orientation applied to leadership training. 

Schools & Centers

Institute of Processwork Barcelona, Spain. –https://www.trabajodeprocesos.net/
Global Coaching Insitute – https://globalcoachinginstitute.org/
Deep Democracy Institute – http://www.deepdemocracyinstitute.org/
Process Work United Kingdom – http://www.processworkuk.org/
Institut für Prozessarbeit (Zurich, Suiza) – http://www.institut-prozessarbeit.ch
Process Work Hub (Atenas, Grecia)- http://processworkhub.gr
Process Work Insitute (Portland, Oregon, USA http://www.processwork.org

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