Ana Rhodes

What's Love got to do with it: Explore the creative forces of Sex, Love and Intimacy.

with Ana Rhodes

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10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Pacific Time
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Explore your deepest passions

Find inner resources of transformation in our human journey.



What You'll Learn

The subtlety of intimacy, the euphoric nature of love and the fire of passion are inner resources of transformation in our human journey.


In this Training we will explore our deepest passions. We will explore the connection between the different but related creative forces of Sex, Love and Intimacy.

We welcome diversity in all areas, such as: sexual orientation, style, gender, race, age, relationship status or type (single, couple, married or other), cultural background… etc. During this experiential journey we will co-create a safe space in which to explore our high and low dreams (or fears) in relationships. 

Loving congruently is a way to bring the fullness of who we are into deep contact with each other. Sexuality is a communication process and a place where many of our issues and altered states can emerge (personal history, potential abuse and shame) however, it is also where our transpersonal experiences merge with our life force and we can find a sense of wholeness. We can enter altered states as soon as we get intimately close to the other. Intimacy and closeness are moments of subtle communication, a flow that can allow for deep learning, healing and transformation. 
Processwork sees love, passion, sensuality, sexuality as dreaming processes which we can unfold to find their deepest essences and meaning for us. We’ll work on sexual difficulties, affairs, fantasies, dream lovers and dream sex as well as on our personal history, our histories of abuse, shame and guilt to connect to our life force and original wholeness.
We will explore the interconnection between these different but related experiences which awaken in and between us.  The subtleties of intimacy, the ecstasies of love and the fires of passion are internal resources which, if consciously cultivated, can transform into allies.
This seminar has a dual focus. For one, it introduces the basics of process-oriented relationship dynamics and it celebrates the creative forces of love and intimacy, of sensuality and sexuality.
We will dare to paint full of color our passions and unfold the untold stories of our sexuality in a safe space!
We will honour our own rhythm of relating and learn the skills and awareness to support a sense of freedom and joy to fully blossom in our relational world.
We will also explore a little bit as a way to deepen personal awareness of the psychosexual development approach in a creative and fun reflective way.


What is a Process-oriented approach?

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About Your Teacher

Ana Rhodes Castro

Facilitator of Individuals and Organizations, Consultant & Quantum Researcher

Ana works as a facilitator, trainer, and supervisor with corporate organizations, civil society groups, and NGOs. One of her greatest passions involves maximizing the inherent potential of individuals, groups, and organizations in a way that supports and enhances natural leadership. She facilitates groups of up to 400 people in processes of socio-cultural and organizational change, using tools that support diversity and Deep Democracy.

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Ana Rhodes

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