Fun With A Pattern of Everything
(And Other Gems From an Extreme State of Consciousness)

With John Herold

This workshop is about more than just Process Work and extreme states.  It’s about bringing useful ideas from the mystical world back to planet Earth.



When I entered an extreme state in 2012, I experienced reality from a very different perspective.  I suddenly expressed new curiosities and asked the universe big questions.  It replied with a series of memorable lessons.  

One of those lessons was a “Pattern of Everything” – a pattern that shows up in all sorts of phenomena and situations.  This pattern has direct applications to Process Work — providing a new framework for understanding signals, edges, states and relationships.  The Pattern of Everything is one of the greatest gifts from my encounter with madness.  Once I noticed this pattern, I couldn’t stop noticing it.  It shows up everywhere.
We will use the Pattern of Everything to explore many things, from the nature of reality to common assumptions about extreme states and psychiatric labels.  We will also ponder the question – how can you receive messages from the universe without losing your mind?  Let’s safely bring the magic of psychosis into our daily lives!


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Meet John Herold, MA

Mental Health Advocate

John Herold, MA is a facilitator, speaker and trainer from Gig Harbor, Washington.  He is the founder and director of Puget Sound Hearing Voices, now in its fourth year of weekly meetings.  John’s work is deeply influenced by his personal lived experience with extreme states and psychiatric survival, his involvement with the Hearing Voices Network as well as his master’s training in Processwork.  He is passionate about spreading non-pathologizing ways of understanding experiences often labeled as mental illness.

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