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To connect people around the globe with powerful tools to transform ourselves, our relationships and our world.

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At Processwork Online, we care about transformation. We offer online trainings and courses that truly make a difference. Supported by exceptional teachers and a robust learning community, we provide training in Processwork and depth awareness techniques from around the world.

Free Monthly Seminars

Seminars are a 2-hour experiential dive into a specialized topic, led by a professional facilitator.

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Courses provide in-depth training over multiple sessions, on a particular topic taught by a master of the field.

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Courses provide in-depth training, over multiple sessions, on a particular topic.
Led by experienced teachers, courses include exercises, take-home activities, and resources.
Live courses include real-time group learning, and off-line modules to practice and learn between live classes.

What is co-dependency and how can we find a new way to relate to our intimate partners? Our modern culture is obsessed with romantic love. This can leave us looking for the realization of our deepest dreams and desires in our romantic relationships. In attempting to actualize our best relationships, we often fall into destructive and imprisoning patterns. In this course we will explore how this happens and how your own process holds the keys for a new way of relating.


Join a confidential, monthly peer supervision group for therapists who use process-oriented psychology, perhaps in addition to another modality. Learn with your peers, and experienced supervisors as the group requires.

What is peer supervision about?

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Seminars are a two-hour experiential dive
into a specialized topic,
led by a professional facilitator.

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