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Connecting people around the globe with powerful tools to transform ourselves, our relationships and our world.


At Processwork Online we care about transformation. We curate online trainings and courses that truly make a difference. Supported by exceptional teachers and a robust learning community, we study depth awareness techniques from around the world.

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Courses provide in-depth training over multiple sessions on a particular topic.
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Dawn Menken

4 Hour Short COurse

Sex, Drugs and Safety: Creating Good Relationships with Teenagers

In my work with families I hear a lot about the challenges that parents have with their teenagers. Many parents struggle, have different parenting philosophies and life experiences that impact the way they parent. This course will help to support parents to have better relationships with the growing children in their lives, and how to address difficult topics like sexuality, drugs, alcohol, contraception, gender identity, abortion, suicide, and activism.

March 16 & March 23

David Bedrick

Advanced Training

Body Image, Shame & Sexism: An Advanced Training

The advanced training program is designed for processwork practitioners to work with clients on body image and shame. The program has two parts: three-months of classes and group training on working with shame, body image and sexism, and 6 months of supervision, mentoring and the support of peers. The program is designed to equip participants with the skills and experience they need to to work with different clients as they apply the framework and tools.

Advanced Training
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Ingrid Rose


LIVING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES: Tools for Navigating the Unknown

Looking through a consensus reality lens change and uncertainty is extremely disturbing. However, within or parallel to these disturbances, lies a vast field of Dreaming which we can enter by shifting our awareness to access other layers of experience waiting for recognition and inclusion. We do have the capacity to expand our sense of ourselves and of world chaos through integrating lesser known qualities and ways of being into everyday life.

April 21

Seminars are a two hour experiential dive
into a specialized topic
led by a professional facilitator

Diane Wong & Jordana Hart

Black Leadership & Transforming Anti-Blackness

Transforming anti-blackness & anti-black leadership

Raggi Kotak

Race Talk

Race Talk is for those committed to creating dialogue on issues of race.

Sergey Bayev

Working with Anger & Extreme Emotions

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