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Set goals in a
collaborative way!
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Outer work refers to how we expand our awareness to engage with the external world. This means applying skillful means to our relationships, organizations, culture and social issues. It involves interacting with others, engaging in activities, and striving to follow the process of the external environment. This can include working on our relationships with others, participating in organizations or communities, and contributing to society and culture through our actions and behaviors.


Inner work refers to actions and efforts that are directed inwardly, towards the self. It involves introspection, self-reflection, and personal growth. Inner work can take many forms, such as therapy, meditation, or mindfulness practices, and it is often focused on developing a better understanding of one’s own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

A Variety of Opportunities

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One-hour talks, free & open to the public to dig into a topic and kick off the series.

Each series has multiple live trainings taught by exceptional international teachers.

Ongoing groups deepen learning and allow for profound professional development.

Members have access to our complete library of courses and seminars.

Facilitators guide members in the steps, types, and uses of inner work.

Pop-Ups are spontaneous workshops on relevant topics of the day. 

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