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Identity, Edges & Process:
Using Primary & Secondary in Therapy with Non-Processwork folks

with Catharine Macdonald

How to use ProcessWork with Non-ProcessWork Folks



One of the most useful concepts in process work is process and how it reveals aspects of our identity and is a useful tool to grow. Primary processes , the familiar and known parts of our identities, can be useful and sometimes we need to get to know more about it, and other times it can hold us back. Secondary processes lead us to the lesser-known or emerging parts of ourselves. These are obvious for process workers, but this can be a revelation for clients.

This seminar will focus especially on how to bring in Processwork concepts when working with clients who are not familiar or even resistant to Processwork interventions. 



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with Catharine Macdonald

Therapist with Individuals & Couples

Problems in life can be overwhelming and sometimes everyone needs support. I work with individuals and couples who want to improve communication, learn to disagree productively, deepen intimacy in relationships, and work through grief. My focus is facilitating your unique experiences, to help you develop new emotional skills, patterns of behaviour and relieve suffering.

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Catharine Macdonald headshot

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