Dying to be Smaller,
Hungry to be Bigger

with David Bedrick, Ph.D.


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Full Seminar: Continuous Playlist

Full Seminar: Continuous Playlist


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7 minutes

A Heartfelt Welcome from David!

What Motivated Your Book,
You Can’t Judge A Body by its Cover?

What Motivated Your Book,
You Can’t Judge A Body by its Cover?

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David introduces himself, the topic and gives an overview of the seminar.

The original spark and passion behind this area of David’s Research. 

David tells the story of his first encounter that made him fall in love with Processwork and shaped his life’s path. 


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Theory About Shame and How it Relates to Dieting Dynamics

What if the behavior is harmful to the person’s health?

More Questions & Answers with David on this Section of his Material

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David begins his question and answers section with this discussion on addiction and how to carry this approach even when you feel the behavior is harmful to the person’s health?

Including, why focus on shame in the first place and particulars about the client/ therapist relationship.


8 minutes

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Guided Exercise for Working with Internalized Shame

  • Settle into yourself. Bring to mind any criticism you have about yourself. One that is recent, persistent or appears sporadically. Let your dreaming mind choose one.
  • See if you can hear it’s voice. If you’re not sure, make it up! You will be close enough (if not perfectly right).
  • Is that criticism connected to a diversity issue? Is it likely that other people of your gender, ethnicity or race, your style, in a group you’re in, also get that criticism?

(Critics are always diversity-stupid. They see one way and the wrong way. Inner criticism is inner oppression).

  • Say that criticism again, and notice if you have a reaction to it. Does that criticism go on in your head, and you feel bad but don’t notice it?
  • Notice if there is or isn’t a reaction to the criticism.
  • How would you think or feel if you knew that the criticism was abuse?
  • How would you react if you knew you were being abused?

(If there’s no reaction, you may be being abused, and shamed).

  • Thinking about all the things we do wrong is an abuse scene. It’s a powerful dynamic to walk around with.

3 Stories Of Women and Their Body Processes


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11 minutes


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2 minutes


David and the group reflect and close. 

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We deeply appreciate your support and all you bring to our vibrant, international community. Hope to see you again soon!

This seminar is based on a research study David conducted with 21 women for his upcoming book, You Can't Judge a Body by its Cover



Each time a person goes on a diet and fails, they feel ashamed and out of control. This shame is compounded by messages from the media, medical professionals, rude passersby, and even friends and family. It’s a vicious cycle that is often downright deadly. Add to that the additional intersectional complexities of sexism and racism experienced by women and people of color, and we come face to face with endemic misery and a far-ranging sense of inferiority that stops people from not only following their hearts’ path but also redirecting all of that weight-loss-related energy toward what’s more effective and worthwhile: Advocacy. Career switches. Compatible, supportive relationships. Radical shift in how we treat ourselves. Spiritual growth.

Why is today’s diet industry pulling in 60 billion dollars every year, while when people go on a diet, only five percent of them succeed and the rest gain weight or stay the same? Here’s why: A heavy, shamed body is a body with an unheard message and a thwarted quest, and until the secrets are unlocked and the wisdom is harvested, that impasse will be unbreachable.

David Bedrick offers seventeen stories of individual women who open the door to their souls: stories of shame and self-love, victimization and empowerment, being small and being big, fear and hope. In his illuminating therapeutic interviews, you’ll witness women discover the secret behind their resistance to diet programs, the beauty of their bodies and hungers, and the redeeming insights of what moves them to reclaim authenticity, power, and grace. Get ready to be inspired. Get ready to see it all differently. Get ready to meet the life-changing secrets held within your body’s rebellion to living in a society that fetishizes thinness and shames authenticity. 

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with David Bedrick, Ph.D.

Therapist with Individuals & COuples

David Bedrick, JD, Dipl. PW, is a speaker, counselor, and attorney. He spent eight years on the faculty of the University of Phoenix and is currently on the faculty of the Process Work Institute. He is also the founder of The Santa Fe Institute for Shame Based Studies, which offers a training curriculum for individuals and therapists.

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