Process Oriented Coaching & Consulting: Working with Organizations and Their Leaders

with Rho Sandberg

Process Oriented Coaching & Consulting: Working with Organizations and Their Leaders is a dynamic exploration of the world of organisational coaching and consulting.


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Rho shares about how to help organizations connect with their vision

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Whether you are an experienced organisational coach, executive coach or are interested in entering this field, join us to learn and share more about the growing field of Processwork in organisations. 


This Recorded Seminar Includes

1. Introducing a process oriented approach to coaching.

2. Understanding organisational needs and culture.

3. Undertaking a process-oriented needs analysis with potential clients

4. Taking stock of your skillset as a process-oriented practitioner

5. Presenting yourself as a Process oriented coach or consultant: Adapting your language, describing your value add

6. Addressing your edges as a practitioner and embracing learning

About Your Teacher

Meet Rho Sandberg

Executive Coach & Trainer

As an executive coach and coach trainer, Rho understands that leadership cannot be taught, but is cultivated as leaders consciously engage with the opportunities and challenges their mission, role and environment present. Rho partners with leaders to build the curiosity and agility essential to embracing disruption and leading transformation in VUCA environments. She assists them to cut through the ‘white noise’ of organizational life, by fostering the acuity to recognize signs of emerging change and engage their people in aligned endeavor and discovery.

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