Healing History: A Process Oriented Approach to Transforming Our Personal and Historical Trauma

with Gary Reiss

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The world needs us to work on its issues, which are also our issues. By working on these issues, we work on conflict, and by working on conflict, we build community.

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The more we do this work of transforming our trauma the more we can live in the here and now and find our freedom.


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In this class we will look at how Process Work is trauma informed and can help us to both prevent and treat PTSD from our personal and historical trauma we carry. Worldwork is an attempt to work with the world’s issues, addressing them on the many levels of maifestation, which are all important. The ‘consensus reality’ level is based on problems, solutions, history, dates, facts, labels like terrorists, good and evil etc. Under this is the realm of dreaming .The world has an energy body of its own; the totality of this energy body we call the field. This body, this field, dreams. World work is our commitment to work on this field.

The world needs us to work on its issues, which are also our issues. By working on these issues, we work on conflict, and by working on conflict, we build community. One important framing of ongoing conflict in world work is that it is the group and the world trying to know itself, and in this process of getting to know each other, community develops. Many communities with conflict turn against themselves and hate themselves for being in conflict.

This work is based on outer work and world change, and also inner work and personal growth. One idea is that the world can’t change until some of us live those changes, which picks up on Ghandi’s ideas of world peace; that you must be the peace you want to create. In the middle of world work, we go from inner work to outer work.

As the work continues and diversity enters and strengthens itself in the community, we then have a growing sense of deep democracy. A deep appreciation develops for our own inner diversity, and for outer diversity. All parts have a space. Deep democracy means that every voice is appreciated.

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About Your Teacher

Gary Reiss


Gary has a private practice in Eugene and Portland, Oregon, has been Director of Rivers Way Community Clinic in Portland for 20 years, and teaches Process oriented Psychology worldwide, now actively teaching in 17 countries. He is a senior faculty member at the Process Work Institute, and brings 40 plus years’ experience to his work. His specialties include family therapy, sex therapy, working with coma patients, Worldwork in hot spots in the world, organizational development, and integrating Process Work with different spiritual traditions.

He has published 14 books including The Dance of SexDreaming Money: and Families that Dream Together. His latest book is Getting off the Wheel—A Process-Oriented Approach to Personal and World Liberation.

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