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Change is constant. Be an effective change manager.

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Change is an ongoing process. It happens organically. In some situations, we want/ need to direct change.


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How can we better manage change in groups, organizations, and larger geographical areas?

What are the skills and techniques we can cultivate in ourselves to direct and support these change movements?

We will explore some of these issues in the seminar Navigating Change.

Change is an ongoing process. It happens organically. In some situations, we want/ need to direct change. This could be in ourselves: we want to manage our weight, our homes, we want our spaces to be clean and comfortable. We may want to change family interactions and relationships, be more loving and supportive, receive more affection and attention from our loved ones. We may want to change groups and communities we belong to, to be more inclusive, have fewer prejudices, and be more accepting of people. Some of us work with organizations who may want to change member habits like effecting members to be more punctual, or be groomed in a particular way. Our political leadership may want to change mass behaviour and thinking and enforce the wearing of masks or practicing social distancing during a pandemic.

What roles can we play in the midst of such changes?

Change that involves the physical and material world like moving to a new location, changing jobs, or altering lifestyles, are visible and obvious. Less visible, yet more important and difficult to know, track, and evaluate are the unseen changes like people’s behaviour and mindsets.

In this workshop, we will work on specific skills that will help us understand relationship dynamics more, recognise patterns of thought and behaviour, evaluate situations by following signals, and alter behaviour to effect intended outcomes.

Kalpana will share techniques that can be used effectively to navigate change, based on her process-oriented psychology practice with families, in classrooms, and organisations.

Through this workshop, we will try to be more effective change mangers.


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Kalpana Tanwar


Kalpana is in private practice working with individuals and families as a psychotherapist, and is an educator running workshops and courses for groups.

She taught for nine years at the Srishti Institute of Design. Her diverse experience of working with corporates in market research and as a group facilitator, educator, and psychotherapist in India and abroad, gives her a unique edge in understanding relationship dynamics and how they play out in organisations.

Her corporate workshops are based on the unknown, the unseen, and the shadow side of people and their interactions, and are deeply insightful.

Kalpana lives in Bengaluru, India. Her YouTube channel, Navigate with Kalpana, highlights her expertise on navigating life changes.

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Kalpana Tanwar

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