Process work, Altered states and Addictive Tendencies

with Kas Robinson PhD, Dipl PW 

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3 PM – 5 PM Pacific Time
February 18

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Addictions are a core problem in our world and are rarely discussed

Learning Areas

Addictions tend to be shrouded in societal moral judgements, shame and secrecy which makes it challenging to discuss, address, process the trauma background and unfold marginalized energies.


In this two-hour presentation I will be focusing on addictive tendencies which are not full-blown addictions. The difference is that when there’s a “full on” addiction process, it is endangering your health, relationships, finances, or legal status, among other things. A job is lost, health is seriously compromised, relationships are ended.  An addictive tendency may have the potential for disrupting these areas of our lives but not in such a total or direct way, and it may not disrupt our lives much at all. Addictive tendencies touch us all and are a gate way to energies, creativity, and altered states we have marginalized. 

There is or can be suffering with addictive tendencies and my intention is to share PW methods that access a deeper awareness, marginalized energies  and can perhaps reduce the pull of the yearning over time.

Utilizing the tools of process work we can deepen and unfold the altered state individuals are yearning for when they reach for a substance, behavior, or activity that has an addictive pull and then integrate this experience, creativity, or altered state into our everyday lives.

This two-hour presentation will present process work methods for working with addictive tendencies and we will do an inner work exercise to explore an altered state behind a yearning.

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About Your Teacher

Kas Robinson
PhD, Dipl PW.


Kas is originally from New Zealand/Aotearoa.  She has been a faculty member at the Process Work Institute of Portland since 2007, and she is a clinical director at a behavioral healthcare agency. Kas loves process work methods for discovering meaning, accessing altered states, addressing conflict, and grounding discoveries and insights into our everyday lives. Kas is deeply committed to Process Work’s awareness of diversity issues, its anti-oppressive lens,  and to diving into the challenges of life. 

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