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How this deep longing of our soul to "return home" can be heard, followed, and illuminated by Processwork practices

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This is an invitation to explore how the mystic of Processwork integrates our inner and outer worlds, and gives us means and tools to follow our very personal and deeply intimate search for the divine mystery, the ultimate reality, one's own essence... and dance with the Ancient One.


Is there a mysticism in Processwork? Our small self (little U), that part of us with which we generally identify and operate in everyday reality, tends to marginalize our greater self (Big U), that essential part of us that is immutable and beyond duality.


In my experience, when we marginalize our essence, we end up not only feeling alienated from ourselves, but also fragmented and disconnected from each other and from life. How to overcome this disconnection and be a real “presence” for me and for others around me. Can there be an intelligence in myself connected to the oneness essence of everything? How can I access it? How can I bring it into my daily life? How I can give space in my life to this search for the ineffable?

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Leticia Mendoza Abascal
Dipl. PW


I am a faithful learner and a mystic searcher, passionate about teaching-learning processes. I continue integrating the PW paradigm into my inner and outer work. I am thrilled and committed to support the integral growth and transformation of both individuals and groups. Eager to collaborate in the search for more loving, enriching and sustainable ways of life and relationships. I participated in the organization and teaching team of PW in Mexico and Latin America, and now I am part of the faculty in the PW School of Barcelona, Spain. I live in San Miguel Allende, Mexico, where I combine my work of supervision and mentoring with individual and couple therapeutic accompaniment. I have a profound love for life, enjoy gardening, dancing, singing and spending time with my big family and friends.

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