with Maraya Karena, MA, PW DIPL.

What is this Group About?

Deeping, Expanding & Applying Processwork

This group will address 3 core areas:

  1. Deepening our understanding of Processwork relationship facilitation skills.
  2. Integrating other couples counseling modalities and approaches into Relationship Work.
  3. Studying practical applications of Processwork Tools for success with real-world relationship conflict.

Each meeting will include a presentation on a Oriented tool, theory or framework by Maraya Karena and/ or a guest presenter. There will be an opportunity for work in the middle, live practice and video study. Each meeting will also include time for one or more peer supervision cases. 


Who is this Group for?

For those Wanting to go Further with Couples Work

This group is for Couples Counselors who are looking to take their skills to the next level and make a deeper, more meaningful impact on the lives of the couples they work with. This group is open to you whether you are currently working with relationships as your primary population, or if it a smaller percentage of your overall clientele. However, this is a peer-to-peer group opportunity. Therefore, we do request that you have some fluency, familiarity and active engagement working with couples or other 2-party relationship systems. If you have any questions about whether you quality, you may contact Maraya Karena directly. 

Why Join this group?

Expland Your Facilitative Awareness & Take Process-Work Skills Further

From your group facilitator, Maraya Karena: 


I am deeply passionate about relationships and the transformative power of couples therapy. I feel that working with relationships, and intimacy is a calling. My training in process-oriented psychology has given me invaluable skills and techniques for working with individuals and couples. While I especially loved learning about relationship work during my diploma program, studying relationship facilitation was only a small fraction of the overall curriculum. As I began applying these principles in real-world settings, I found that there was so much more to learn and explore in order to truly understand and support the complexities of relationships. Facilitating couples in the wild was VERY different from facilitating my Processwork peers. Additionally, with so much new research in trauma, attachment systems, somatics, the Gottman method and so much more, the desire to deepen my knowledge and incorporate a range of modalities and contemporary research was huge.


These factors led me to create this heart-felt and soulful couples counseling peer group. In these sessions, my intention is to provide supportive space for practitioners to explore and strengthen their relationship facilitation skills. Processwork is still growing and evolving. And it evolves through us. This group provides an opportunity for us to come together as practitioners and engage in a think-tank style research group, exploring what works, what doesn’t, and how we can adapt and apply these principles in our specific contexts. I believe that by working together and sharing our knowledge and experiences, we can continue to grow and evolve as practitioners, and support couples in the most effective and meaningful way possible. I hope that you will join me in this exciting journey of learning and growth!


What Is Included

Join this supportive, soulful community of Couples Counselors!

Schedule will be finalized once participants and time-zomes are known

The Logistics

~ This peer group is limited to 7 participants.

~ If we do not have sufficient people registered, we will postpone the group.

~ We will meet once a month for 90 minutes each time. 

~ We will meet for 6 months, starting in September.

~ It is okay if you will miss some of the meetings. However, please make sure that you are willing to commit to be present for the group and will try to adjust your schedule to make as many as possible. 

~ Large parts of the sessions will not be recorded to preserve confidentiality. 

~ Each participant will have a chance to have their case peer-supervised at least once during the course of the group. 

~ The cost of registration is $300. There is a scholarship cost of $222. If this is still out of your prices range, please contact Maraya Karena directly: marayakarena @ gmail


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About Your Teacher

Maraya Karena

Couselor, Writer, Consciousness Researcher

My passion is to study consciousness itself. To develop tools and models that support us to navigate everyday life. To make the reality we share more reflective of who and what we truly are. To find the pulsing, living heart of this life journey. And to engage with it fully and completely. “I explore poetry, dance, embodiment, sex, social issues, futurism, philosophy, mysticism, joy and agony all to learn a little bit more about what is really going on and how we can most authentically express ourselves.”

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