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January 25

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* Your future Therapist, Counsellor, Coach, Teacher, Leader self

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Many of us in helping professions feel depleted and overwhelmed. Rejuvenate and rediscover the passion that first ignited you.


Find or re-connect with your dream as a therapist, facilitator, coach, counsellor or other helping professional.


Lead by Michele O’Brien, a therapist, supervisor and trainer with over two decades of experience in therapeutic relationships, depth psychology and process-orientated work.


Michele found that many therapists felt depleted and overwhelmed by work throughout the pandemic. To combat this and build community, she lead a very successful year-long group to explore and develop our inner selves. This seminar is a powerful exercise that arose from that work.


Do a deep dive, a visualization of your future self, and where you’re trying to go. Explore the thread you are following in life, and unfold it to discover where you are.


We will look at the allies, blocks, and resources that might be in the way or available to you. Whilst focusing on what your future self looks like, and how you can support it to appear.


In the seminar, we’ll do  an exercise from Michele’s  year-long group, Practitioner Development in Uncertain Times. A small, innovative and intimate group that meets monthly online. If you are looking for personal development as a helping practitioner, stay on at the end of the seminar to hear more. Continuing education credits may be available, please ask about them. 

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Michele O'Brien


Based in South West Ireland, Michele is a practicing psychotherapist with over 20 years’ experience including 10 years’ experience in supervision.

Michele sees supervision as a dynamic process, focusing on creating a collaborative learning space, with the client at the centre. She brings a refreshing, creative approach, incorporating process work, art, movement, nature and humour.

She provides supervision to psychotherapists at different levels of experience; trainees, pre-accredited and experienced therapists, both in private practice and in groups for therapists in organisations.

In 2015 Michele undertook a research project “Keeping Psychotherapy Relevant to These Changing Times” which she presented at the IAHIP conference 2016, and subsequently other supervisory and therapy conferences.

This research has been a core motivation and has informed her practice. It is constantly evolving, tested and upgraded.

In 2018 she presented her paper on the complex role of the supervisor at the IAPOP conference in Dublin. Her talk was about holding the tension between legal and ethical requirements, staying in relationship and supporting each individual client and therapist.

She trained with Dublin Counselling & Therapy Centre as a psychotherapist. She later completed a Masters in Supervisory Practice with NUI, Milltown Institute, Dublin.

Michele maintains a private practice in Kenmare, Co Kerry, Ireland, her home for 30 years. Her work is supported by a daily meditation practice, time spent in nature, swimming, gardening and creative expression through art textiles.

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