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Culture Isn't Created, It Evolves

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Within organizations and groups we tend to think about change as something that comes from the outside, or is internally driven. Changes require the organization to adjust, and modify it’s culture. We don’t usually recognize that culture evolves over time. It’s in the details of how the organization is structured, the norms and processes that make it function. Culture is also influenced by external factors – the market, customers, technologies and the talent needed to make organizations function.

You and your organization are in constant movement, and it is inevitable that as you adapt to the context, consciously or unconsciously, you will be located in one of the stages of change:

  • Preparation for change. Something is coming. We recognize we need to evolve, our clients ask us to be different, we are going to enter new markets, we are going to change technology, generational change, changes in leadership are coming.
  • Assimilation. In transition, in the middle of a project, trying different things. There are unintended implications of the change, we made changes but they didn’t happen as we thought, we are growing and we don’t know how to handle it.
  • Evolution. It is not the same anymore, we miss old ways, teams may be larger, lessons learned from projects that ended, we tried to change but we have not succeeded.

Miguel Vazquez del Mercado has worked with organizations across industries for over a decade, and knows how to support sustainable change, an evolution in culture that supports how organizations grow. He uses the skills of Process Work (MA in Organizational Change in 2012) and Julie Diamond’s Power Intelligence®. He has a unique and powerful view of how culture evolves, how we can recognize changes, and support people for sustainable, conscious change. 


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About Your Teacher

Miguel Vazquez del Mercado

Consultant, SPEAKER, coach

Miguel is an expert in organizational design and culture, change management and coaching.


For over 10 years, Miguel has supported organizations, groups and individuals in the design and facilitation of personal development processes, visionaries, change management, conflict resolution, skills development, cultural change, creativity, integration and more. 

He completed postgraduate studies in psychology with emphasis on the systemic dynamics of conflicts, change processes and organizational development. As well, the effect of the dynamics of power and rank in organizations. This way of working encourages the results to be profound and creates sustainable changes over time.

Miguel facilitates creating environments to promote high and sustainable performance.  This includes the financial, operational and human goals set by the organization. His practice supports development of human, social and leadership skills in executives and groups. This enables effective working of teams, functional areas, relationships, and more.

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Miguel Vazquez

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