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Astrology & Processwork: A Quantum Inter-Relationship

with Ro Hanus & Maraya Karena

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4 PM – 5 PM Pacific Time
March 20

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As Above, So Below.

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As we delve into the realm of astrology and processwork, we journey through the depths of the collective unconscious, uncovering the archetypes and patterns that shape our lives. In the fusion of these two fields, we find the courage to embrace our shadows and awaken to our true potential, charting a path towards self-discovery and authenticity.


Welcome to the seminar on integrating astrology and processwork! In this seminar, we will focus on exploring the elemental elements of astrology and how they can be embodied in our lives. We will also delve into the ways in which both astrology and processwork approach the concept of first causes and how they rely on the idea of quantum inter-existence.


First, let’s delve into the elemental elements of astrology. Astrology recognizes four elements – fire, earth, air, and water – that are believed to represent different aspects of human experience and personality. Each element is associated with certain qualities, such as the passion and drive of fire, the practicality and stability of earth, the intellectualism and communication of air, and the emotional depth and intuition of water.


In this seminar, we will explore the ways in which each of these elements can be embodied in our lives, and how we can use this understanding to gain insights into our own personality and life journey. We will also discuss how the elemental elements of astrology can be used to understand and work with the challenges and opportunities that arise in our lives.


Now, let’s turn to the concept of first causes and how both astrology and processwork approach this idea. In astrology, the concept of first causes refers to the fundamental forces and influences that shape the human experience. These can include the positions and movements of the celestial bodies, as well as other factors such as genetics and environmental influences.


Similarly, processwork is also interested in exploring the first causes of human experience and behavior. It recognizes that every individual and situation is unique and holds within it a wealth of wisdom and potential for growth and change. Processwork emphasizes the importance of listening deeply to the inner experiences of individuals and groups in order to uncover and work with the underlying dynamics that shape their lives.


Both astrology and processwork rely on the idea of quantum inter-existence, which posits that all things are interconnected and influence one another on a quantum level. This idea is central to both approaches and is reflected in their emphasis on the interconnectedness of all aspects of the human experience.


Through a combination of theory presentations and experiential exercises, this seminar will provide you with a deeper understanding of the intersection between astrology and processwork and how these approaches can be integrated in order to facilitate personal and collective transformation.

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About Your Teachers

Maraya Karena
MA, Dipl PW.

Couselor, Writer, Consciousness Researcher

My passion is to study consciousness itself. To develop tools and models that support us to navigate everyday life. To make the reality we share more reflective of who and what we truly are. To find the pulsing, living heart of this life journey. And to engage with it fully and completely. “I explore poetry, dance, embodiment, sex, social issues, futurism, philosophy, mysticism, joy and agony all to learn a little bit more about what is really going on and how we can most authentically express ourselves.”

areas of expertise

Ro Hanus
MSW, 22+ Years in Processwork


Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee teaching classes integrating Processwork ideas and interaction with education, community based programs and professional development. Professional education and supervision of internship of Graduate & Undergraduate Social Work students interested in Health Care, Hospital Social Work, End-of-life care and Aging. Community engagement with a focus on cultivating relationships between the university and social work settings. Process-oriented approach to working with individuals, couples, children and adults in need of clinical support, therapy and consultation on a variety of challenging issues.

areas of expertise


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