Ethical Psychedelic Therapy And Process Work: Challenges and Dilemmas

with Will Hall, MA, DiplPW.

Assisted by Michal Lasocik

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Ethical scandals, research misconduct, and patient backlash are now a small - and growing - part of the "psychedelic revival."

Jung’s own views on psychedelic risks are widely disregarded and mis-appropriated. In practical and accessible terms, what does ethical harm reduction work with these unpredictable substances look like? Together we will rethink the “psychedelic renaissance” from a Jungian and Process Work perspective.


*This follow-up class assumes a basic familiarity with Mindell’s Process work and is open to all.

Note: Due the the popularity of this topic, this is a stand-alone follow up to recommended class: w/ Will Hall, MA, DiplPW:
Jung, Psychedelics, And Therapy: A Process Work and Harm Reduction Approach

Does Process Work offer a new direction for working with psychedelics? How can Process Work - and anyone inspired by the heart of Jung - approach psychedelics in our work, and ourselves? Most importantly, is Process Work capable of working with psychedelics while protecting clients from harm?

A follow-up to Jung, Psychedelics, And Therapy, Will Hall and assistant Michal Lasocik of the Poland Psychedelics Society will explore ethical considerations for Process Work and psychedelics. , using dialogue and challenging scenarios from our lives and work. Drugs are drugs... or are they? Tripping isn't a spiritual practice... or is it? Come with your enthusiasm for getting high and the humility to dive deep into not knowing what you are up to.

What You'll Learn

This class will establish a basic orientation for engaging with psychedelic experience as Process Workers, in an emerging field of ongoing learning and shared discovery.


Why Jung?

Carl Jung’s influence on contemporary culture and therapy is inestimably vast, from the “hero’s journey” monomyth storytelling of George Lucas to Myers-Briggs personality testing to the modern reinvention of spirituality against the confines of institutional religion. Exploring the unconscious as an ancient, intelligent cosmic force seeking to relate to and guide our conscious selves, Jung has captured the fascination of people worldwide who share interest in re-vitalizing imagination, dreams, and myth in our lives. If your heart senses a larger, timeless presence, “like a splinter in your mind” as Morpheus puts it, calling forth freedom to be your better self, you are walking the same path as Jung.


Why Process Work?
Based in Jung’s psychology, Process Work approaches reality as a dream-like invitation to learn, where the wise omnipresence of nature constantly urges us to go beyond our ordinary understanding of ourselves and grow into something surprising and unique. Process Work brings somatic, body-oriented signal awareness into the Jung approach, using altered states, psychodrama, and dialogue to engage with the fundamentals of Jung’s vision. Present-moment awareness, interactive mindfulness, and improvisation tools help discover that what is “happening to us” might also be “happening for us.” Will teaches Process Work and Jung as both a devoted insider and as a critical outsider.


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About Your Teacher

Will Hall, MA, DiplPW.


Will Hall MA, DiplPW, PhD Candidate Maastricht University, is a Process Work diplomate therapist and trainer internationally recognized for his innovative work with psychosis treatment, psychiatric medications, and changing the social response to madness. He is host of Madness Radio, co-founder of Freedom Center, co-founder of Portland Hearing Voices, co-founder of the Hearing Voices Network USA, and a past co-coordinator of The Icarus Project. Will was trained in Open Dialogue at the Institute for Dialogic Practice and studied Arnold Mindell’s Process Oriented Psychology, a Jungian approach, at the Process Work Institute in Portland Oregon.

A schizophrenia diagnosis survivor, Will is a longtime organizer with the international psychiatric survivor movement, and has appeared in several documentary films including Crazywise, Healing Voices, and Coming off Psych Drugs; A Meeting of Minds. He has gained media coverage in the New York Times, Newsweek, Forbes, Radio New Zealand, Haaretz, Radio Sarajevo, and The Guardian. His writing has appeared in the Journal of Best Practices in Mental Health, Oxford University’s Textbook of Modern Community Mental Health Work: An Interdisciplinary Approach, Journal of Humanistic Psychology, and Research Ethics journal, and his book is Outside Mental Health: Voices and Visions of Madness.

Will’s work has received recognition in disability rights activism including the Judi Chamberlin Advocacy Award and the Stavros Center for Independent Living Disability Rights Award. Will is author of the Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Medications, which has been translated into 14 languages and is widely used as a resource by patients, families, clinicians, and recovery groups around the world.

Will’s interest in psychedelics and Process Work emerged out of his own struggle to understand himself: impulses of creativity and renewal at the heart of the dangerous extreme states of consciousness that threatened to destroy him as a young man. Will trained with leading psychedelic teachers in the 1990s but helped break media silence around psychedelic therapy abuse when he wrote about his personal experiences on Mad In America and Medium, catalyzing widespread media attention. Will’s therapy practice includes work with people who have taken psychedelics, and he supports access to these substances and ending the war on drugs. At the same time, Will questions “psychedelic therapy” and opposes the medicalization and commercialization of psychedelics. Can we accept the positive potentials of altered states of consciousness while also guarding against the dangers of a Brave New World?

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