Self-love 101:
Using Processwork & the Konmari Method to Cultivate Self-love

with Ayako “Aya” Fujisaki, Ph.D.

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10 AM – 12 PM Pacific Time
February 5

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Self-criticism can have a devastating impact on one’s life, and Processwork offers a radical and effective approach to working with it.

Learning Areas

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In my practice and in my personal work, focusing focusing on self-criticism alone is not enough. Many people need some guidance on how to build “self-love muscle” to lead truly fulfilling lives.


What You'll Learn


Processwork is, in its essence, an extremely accepting and compassionate paradigm because it believes in the value of each experience of individuals, even if it appears to be undesirable. In this workshop, the participants will learn how to utilize some Processwork ideas to cultivate self-love. I will also introduce how to apply the Konmari method (an acclaimed organizing method created by a Japanese organizing consultant, Marie Kondo) to deal with self-criticism and develop self-love. 


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About Your Teacher

Ayako “Aya” Fujisaki, Ph.D.

licensed counselor, teacher, consultant

Aya has taught Processwork at the Process Work Institute and a local university and led seminars and educational trainings in psychology, leadership, communication skills, and group facilitation both nationally and internationally. She specializes in working with trauma, depression, major life transitions, relationship difficulties, self-love and compassion and couples’ therapy. She has also gained a deep understanding of the issues related to cross-cultural and cross-racial communication, immigration and acculturation, racial and ethnic minorities, and cultural and systemic oppression.  This specialty arises in part from her research on Asian American psychology but also from her own experiences of living in various parts of the world (including Japan, US, and Germany), living as an immigrant of color, and being in an interracial relationship.  One of her current interests is developing ways to make Processwork more trauma-informed. She now resides on the Big Island in Hawaii and enjoys its nature and multicultural environment.  

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