In Honour of Salome Schwartz

Salome Schwartz and her dog Junie

On June 15 we learned that Salome Schwartz, a founding teacher of Process Work, therapist, supervisor and friend, died.

Salome was many things. We knew her as a wonderful teacher, therapist and supervisor. She was the examiner for our Inner Work skills exam. We students talked after, so many of us had the same experience of deep, profound inner experiences. The richest innerwork we have ever done. Salome created an atmosphere of dreaming and belief in us. 

She was a kind and generous teacher. Supportive, and accepting, she was a master at seeing something unique about you. I felt a special connection to her, as many people did. She taught me to “be less human” and more detached sometimes, and each time I

Salome was also in pain for a long time, and had a family, friends and caregivers who knew more of her, and different aspects than I saw as a student and client.

Members of the community made many beautiful comments and shared stories about her online, reflecting her connection to the universe, and her ability to see and believe in the process and depths of others.

Some of the things I learned from Salome:

  • When something is too much, we need inner support and outer support, in the dreamworld and consensus reality.
  • Being in love can be an edge, often it is!
  • My only job as a therapist is discovering the person. People want to be discovered.
  • When you’re a therapist, be less human. Lead people into the river and leave them there to flow within it.

The video is of an exercise to find Process Mind that she gave and lead us through in one of her classes. If you want to do it on your own the steps are: go to an earth spot, find an energy that calls to you, and bring it back to everyday life.

The Process Work Institute is hosting a memorial for Salome Schwartz, long-time valued senior faculty and member of the global process work community. The memorial is on Saturday, September 17th, 1-3 PM Pacific

Below is a photograph of Salome on a telemark skiing trip in the mountains near Joseph, Oregon. It was one of her favourite images of herself.

Salome Schwartz telemark skiing in the mountains of Joseph, Oregon.

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