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Unleash Your Inner Marketer

with Hellene Gronda, PhD.

2 hour Live Workshop + Access to the Recording

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4:30 PM – 6:30 PM Pacific Time
Thursday, June 29

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Learn effective marketing strategies to grow your practice.

Master the Three Key steps for Effective marketing:

Marketing is relationship. Unleash your inner marketer and grow your practice without losing touch with yourself.

What you'll learn

Struggling with how to grow your practice and make a bigger impact?


Processworkers face two particular marketing challenges that can really block us. Understand these challenges and avoid the 2 most common mistakes we make when trying to ‘get the word out’. Get friendly with marketing and apply your relationship skills rather than struggling at the world channel edge!


In this workshop you will discover how to:

  • use a 3-step framework for effective marketing;
  • make the role shift you need to get your message across, and
  • use the power of group process to cut through the noise.

Join Hellene to learn how to unleash your inner marketer so you can grow your practice while staying close to your deepest self.


Learn effective marketing strategies to grow your practice as a coach, therapist, facilitator, organizational consultant or social activist. This two-hour workshop is based on Hellene’s month-long course at classes in PWI’s MA program. Don’t keep your gifts and talents hidden, the world needs them. Learn how to bring them out. 


What students say about Hellene’s class: 


The course was full of insights, very realistic, and down to earth. One of the most striking insights was discovering marketing as a role shift. Now the center is not me, but the client. The course invited me to journey deep within … allowing me to believe that I can indeed contribute to the transformation of the world. Hellene loves her students and is fully enthusiastic about their growth, connecting and engaging herself in their journey. It has been a blessing to be accompanied and taught by her. ” – Yago


I thought I didn’t need much help with marketing because I had run my own business before, but I was really surprised by what came from the processes that Hellene led us through. The techniques we learned were new to me, and so helpful, and left me feeling even more confident to put myself out there. Hellene’s teaching style worked really well with just the right balance of instruction, space to explore in dyads, and gentle edge-pushing, getting me out of my comfort zone.” – Christy


“I didn’t know the first thing about marketing but by the end I felt a lot more confidence and clarity. The class had more depth and feeling than what I thought a marketing class would be – it made it feel less “icky” and surface level and instead helped me to create a pitch that felt really authentic to who I am. Hellene has an approach to teaching that is grounding and welcoming, while helping students to really clarify their offerings. ” –  Nicole,


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About Your Teacher

Hellene Gronda
PhD, Dipl PW.

Processswork Diplomate, Educator, Coach & Consultant

Hellene loves getting behind meaningful, ambitious goals and help make them real.


For the last twenty years, Hellene worked in leadership roles for nonprofits and government, in policy, consulting and education. Hellene has served as the Process Work Institute’s Executive Director since 2017.


In the past few years, Hellene has been devoted to study the world of marketing, and taught a process-oriented marketing approach to students in PWI’s Process Oriented Facilitation Masters degree program. 


She learned from some of the best, including Seth Godin, Donald Miller, Bernadette Jiwa, Jeff Walker, Ryan Levesque, Marissa Murgatroyd, David Meerman Scott, Amy Porterfield, James Tuckerman, Zig Ziglar (the quintessential sales person), and many others.


In this course,  she synthesizes what she’s learned from the last three years of marketing study, training and practice, to help you make a difference using processwork skills, to help you make a bigger impact with your unique and deepest self.

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