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Encountering Life Purpose through decolonial and indigenous ways of being and knowing

with Wangũi wa Kamonji

2 Live Sessions & connect with community

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8:00 – 10:00 AM Pacific
Saturday, May 14 and 28

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What does it look like to walk in my purpose from an indigenous and decolonial lens?

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What You'll Learn


What does it look like to walk in my purpose from an indigenous and decolonial lens? How is that different from anything else? In this short course we’ll explore and engage a relational paradigm with all life to support our inquiry into our life paths, purpose or myth. We’ll set threshold with potent questions born from our places of wounding and of desire. We’ll step into indigenous ways of knowing such as listening to the elements, dreams, walking, conversation,  storytelling, visioning, etc, and invite an experiment of knowing and being known. In this way we will return recognition, confidence and power to Earth’s and our bodies and to our ancestral/spirit connections as sources and sites of knowledge.

Deeper Skills Explored in this Course

  1. Listening to all life, listening with more ears than the physical ears (following process)
  2. Relational orientation towards life, Earth beings and Spirit (decolonial/re-indigenising)
  3. Decomposing wounds to release stuck energy and possibilities
  4. Co-creating and tracking emergent process ceremony with Earth kin (how to stay with something for a significant amount of time enough to hear something that impacts your lifepath)

Wangui reviews of the book “The Seed Thief” by Jacqui L’Ange

Part of her new series Afrikan Reads
bringing you monthly book reviews from an indigenous Afrikan perspective

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About Your Teacher

Wangũi wa Kamonji

Regenerative Practitioner

My name is Wangũi wa Kamonji. I am called to be a retriever and bearer of indigenous Afrikan lifeways and knowledge. I use academic research, dance, writing, performance, song, travel, ancestral work and process facilitation to create and curate awakening spaces that are transformative passageways to new life on this continent in partnership with human, earth and unembodied spirit relations. My work centres Africa, the Earth and ancestrality. She convenes the collective Afrika Hai to research, reconnect to, and reimagine indigenous Afrikan knowledge for regeneration. Some of my previous work has appeared on Transition Network, The Elephant and the short story collection ‘Story Story, Story Come’.

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